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Consultation on the Model School Complaints Procedure

Consultation on the Model School Complaints Procedure

The Education Authority (EA) has prepared a draft Model School Complaints Procedure, along with accompanying Guidance, which has been developed by EA in conjunction with CCMS, CnaG, CSSC and NICIE. It is anticipated that, once agreed, the model procedure and the accompanying guidance will issue to all schools in the first term of 2018-2019 to be available for use by the reconstituted boards of governors. The consultation period is commencing now and will remain open until 28 September 2018.

We welcome feedback from all stakeholders, and we are fully committed to hearing a wide range of views and opinions. We will give regard to all consultation responses before finalising the model procedure and guidance.

We welcome your comments on any aspect of the Model School Complaints Procedure and/or the accompanying Guidance, and any suggestions regarding where you think gaps may exist or where clarification may be required.

In particular we are interested in your views in relation to the following:

  1. The model procedure has been amended from five stages to two stages. Some users think this is beneficial and that it streamlines the process, while others think that it may encourage a greater number of complaints.
  2. Any additional guidance that you think may be required for principals and governors in particular.
  3. EA will develop training to accompany the release of the new model procedure, and        your views are invited on what you think the training will need to focus on in particular.

We would welcome you taking the time to respond to this consultation exercise.

Please click on the links below to view the consultation documents.

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