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Amazing The Space

Amazing The Space

Schools across Northern Ireland have been informed of a youth-led peace-building event, being held on 21st September 2016 to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace. This event, called ‘Amazing the Space’, will bring together over 3,500 pupils at the Eikon Exhibition Centre located at the Maze Long Kesh. On the same day an additional 2,000 pupils will have the opportunity to participate in local events at a series of satellite venues throughout Northern Ireland. The Education Authority is keen to encourage all schools to participate in this initiative.

To date, a total of 400 schools have already become involved by writing twenty-five word peace pledges. Each school's pledge articulates precisely young people’s vision and commitment towards a more peaceful future. Other schools may also wish to join in and create a peace pledge, and guidelines have been provided with ideas which may be useful.

Pupils from across Northern Ireland will have the opportunity to attend the main event at the Eikon Exhibition centre on 21st September 2016, which celebrates young people’s role within peacebuilding. This event will also have a series of global contributions through the involvement of organisations such as the United Nations, Generation Global and the Global Peace Foundation.

  • From Primary Schools, a maximum of 2 pupils from Primaries 6 and 7, accompanied by one teacher, will be eligible to attend the event.
  • From Special Schools, a maximum of 2 pupils from the KS 2, 3 or 4, accompanied by one/two teachers/classroom assistants, will be eligible to attend the event.
  • From Post-Primary Schools, maximum numbers able to attend will be dependent upon the response/demand for places from schools, but it is anticipated that this will be between 8-15 pupils, accompanied by one teacher.

This initiative evidently reflects the core principles of the Department of Education’s Community Relations Equality and Diversity (CRED) Policy and Sharing Works: a Policy for Share Education’. It actively encourages respect for diversity as well as the development of relationships between those of different backgrounds and traditions, through a shared event promoting young people’s roles as ambassadors for peace.

The Education Authority will be supporting the event in a number of ways, including the creation of support materials to be made available on Fronter, and in filming and live streaming the main event through the resources of EA TV and C2k. Further details regarding this will be forwarded to all schools in August.

For further information contact

Letter to Schools From Director of Education, John Collings

Amazing The Space Reply Slip




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