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EA Chair and Chief Executive Congratulate Young People on A-Level Results

EA Chair and Chief Executive Congratulate Young People on A-Level Results

The Education Authority (EA) Chairperson and Chief Executive today celebrated with pupils at Wellington College as they received their A-level results.


EA Chairperson Sharon O’Connor praised the hard work and determination of all young people across Northern Ireland receiving their results today.

“Today’s results are great testament to the hard work that our young people have invested over the past two years. I would like to congratulate everyone receiving results today.

For those who did not achieve the grades they had hoped for, I ask you not to be disheartened. There are many options open to you in school, further education, training or employment and there are many sources of support and guidance.

I wish each and every young person the very best, whichever pathway they choose for their future.”

Gavin Boyd, Chief Executive EA added;

“We are at Wellington College today to celebrate with pupils as they receive their long awaited A-Level results. This is a very important day for schools and for all young people receiving results across Northern Ireland. Today, their hard work, commitment and determination is recognised.

I am encouraged by the strong, steady performance of our A Level students this year. Their results have again kept ahead of those in England and Wales. Good qualifications and a quality education are more important than ever now as our young people prepare for continued education, life and work in an ever changing and challenging environment.

There has been much debate recently about the impact of Brexit, economic uncertainty and political instability. Young people in Northern Ireland continue to excel. We need to be sure that they are well prepared to meet any challenges head on and make the most of new opportunities in the years ahead.

I wish all the young people receiving results today the best of luck for the future.”


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