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'ea Think Data' Get Ready for GDPR

‘ea Think Data’ Get Ready for GDPR


The UK government recently announced that it will implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new law relating to Data Protection, which will have direct effect in UK law from 25 May 2018. GDPR will impact all organisations, including public authorities and schools.

The new GDPR legislation – called the Data Protection Act 2015, will replace the existing 1998 Data Protection Act.

While the principles are similar to those in the Data Protection Act 1988, there are some additional requirements that our stakeholders and staff need to be aware of.

To ensure that staff, schools, governors and the wider education sector are prepared to meet the requirements of the government’s new legislation the Education Authority (EA) has developed ‘ea Think Data’.

This has been developed in partnership with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to help ensure that schools and the education sector are prepared to comply with the new law.

‘ea Think Data’ includes a series of online webinar broadcasts and the first programme, ‘Get Ready for GDPR’, is now available to watch online here.

You can also follow the ‘ea Think Data’ conversation on Twitter using the #eaThinkData hashtag.

This webpage has also been developed for all staff, schools, governors and education sector stakeholders to facilitate in preparing for GDPR, and will be the hub for all our online resources.

It is important that we all start preparations now to ensure we meet the requirements of the new legislation ahead of May 2018.                                     

Schools can email with any questions and a member of our team will assist with your enquiry.  

Links To ‘ea Think Data’ Programmes:

'ea Think Data’ Webinar 1


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