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Frequently Asked Questions For Schools

Frequently Asked Questions - Schools

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General FAQs    

Who do I contact if I have a query or concern now that the Education and Library Boards no longer exist?

In the vast majority of cases, the same people will continue to do the same jobs in the same locations as before. Former ELB headquarters are now regional offices of the Education Authority. Click here to view contact details for Education Authority Headquarters and Regional Offices.

My school uses the Education and Library Board logo on signage, publications etc. Should it be replaced with the EA logo?

The roll out of the EA brand will be managed through a phased approach. Schools are not required to change existing branding. However, as items are replaced or replenished, the EA logo should be used in place of ELB branding. Advice can be sought from the Communications Officers in each regional office.

My school uses Education and Library Board branded headed paper. Should we now be using EA headed paper and where do we get it?

EA headed paper should be used from 01 April 2015. Electronic versions are available by contacting the Communications Officers in the regional offices.

Who do I contact for media support?

If your school requires support in handling media queries, you should continue to contact the same Communications Officer you have dealt with previously. Contact details are available here.

Have contact details changed?

The postal addresses and telephone numbers for staff in the Education Authority Regional Offices remain as they were for the Education and Library Boards in the majority of cases. Please note that all staff are now using standard Education Authority email addresses, regardless of their location. The new format for email addresses is C2K emails will remain unchanged


Finance FAQs

Will there be any change to the management of my delegated budgets?

There will be no immediate changes to the procedures for management of your delegated budget. 

Your LMS contacts will continue to work with you in the usual way to discuss your budget allocation and planning and you should continue to place orders and submit invoices or invoice listings for payment to the appropriate regional office of the Education Authority as you do at present. 

Your contacts in Procurement and in the Accounts Payable office will also remain the same.  If you currently use the ELBCat website for catalogue information, you should continue to do so and there are currently no plans to make changes to the ELBCat site.  You can continue to use your existing lodgement slips while stocks last. 

However, from 1st April 2015, all cheques should be made payable to “Education Authority”.  Please notify all pupils’ parents of this change.

Will there be any changes to the LMS Schools Reporting website?

The appearance of this website will change to reflect the transfer of responsibilities from the NI Education & Library Boards to the Education Authority. 

Functionality has not been affected. Your cost centre, log-on and password will not change.  Abbreviated ‘board’ names will be replaced with shortened Education Authority regional names; for example, ‘BELB’ with ‘EA-B’. It is intended that this work will be carried out in April.

How will the creation of the Education Authority impact my LMS budget?

The creation of the Education Authority will not result in any changes to the delegated budget allocated to each school. This will continue to be calculated in accordance with the Common Formula Funding scheme that was updated for the 2014/15 financial year following consultation. The factors that impact on the funding allocated to each school include the following:

  • The total amount of the budget that is allocated to schools (known as the Aggregated Schools budget or ASB)
  • The number of pupils attending the school
  • The size of the school
  • How many children with additional educational or social needs attend the school

Further information on the Common Formula Funding can be found here

Will I still need to produce three year plans and where do I go for support and assistance with this?

Yes, three year plans will still be required and you will continue to work with the same staff in the regional office as in previous years.  You will be informed of any changes to the processes, but you can assume that everything will continue as at present until you hear otherwise.

Where do I go to get my monthly LMS budget reports?

The LMS website will continue to be available and your cost centre, log-on and password will be the same as before.  You will notice some changes to the appearance of the website to reflect the transition to the Education Authority, but the core functionality will remain unchanged.  The abbreviated Board names will be changed to shortened Education Authority regional names e.g. BELB will become EA-B.  This work will be completed early in April.

How do I raise Purchase Orders under the new authority?

You should continue to raise purchase orders in exactly the same way as under the ELBs.  If you use your C2K finance system to raise purchase orders, you should continue to do so.  If you currently use paper orders, you can continue to use your existing order books until you receive new books with the new information.  The ELBCat electronic requisition system will continue to be available both for requisitioning and for contract enquiries and there is no intention to make any changes to this at present.  Procurement advice will continue to be available from the same people that you previously contacted.

Where should I send my invoices (or invoice listing) for payment?

For the immediate future, all invoices for payment or list of invoices for payment should be sent to the regional office.  Your contacts in the Accounts Office will stay the same, so you will be able to deal with any supplier queries in the usual way.

How do I make lodgements for milk, meals and general income?

Arrangements have been made to re-name all the ELB bank accounts as Education Authority accounts.  You can continue to use existing lodgement books.  Cheques should be made payable to “Education Authority” and you will need to ensure that the parents in your school are made aware of this change.

There are plans to move to bar-coded lodgement slips – this is designed to make the process of lodging income and ensuring that it goes to the right place easier.  This change is not part of the move to the Education Authority, but the bar-coded lodgement books will bear the name of the new authority.  This new books are expected to be issued in June.  It is important that you start using the new lodgement books once they are received and do not try to use up any remaining slips in the old books.  If you are likely to run out of lodgement slips before the introduction of the bar-coded lodgements, you will be issued with an interim lodgement book, which will include the name of the Education Authority. 


The Education and Library Boards (ELBs) were dissolved on 31 March 2015. The Education Authority was established on 01 April 2015 and is now responsible for all of the operational functions previously carried out by the five ELBs in accordance with the Education Orders.

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