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Post-Primary Admissions

Post-Primary Admissions

Notification of Post Primary Placement

At the age of 11 years children normally transfer from primary education to post-primary education.  Parents have the right to express a preference for the post-primary school they wish their child to attend, however, because each school has a maximum number of places, it may not be possible for every child to be placed in the preferred school of choice.

A Department of Education (DE) Advice leaflet on the Post Primary Transfer Process for parents of P6 children can be accessed by clicking here.

Admission to Senior High Schools (14+)

In the Two-Tier System (sometimes known as the Dickson plan) the majority of pupils attending Clounagh Junior High School, Killicomaine Junior High School, Lurgan Junior High School and Tandragee Junior High School transfer at the end of Key Stage 3 or Year 10 to Senior High Schools or other post primary schools to complete their compulsory education in Key Stage 4.  For parents guide and form information click here.


  • Read all information carefully
  • Step 1: Download and read the parental guide
  • Step 2: Receive an application form from your child’s primary 
  • Step 3: Check school criteria
  • Step 4: Complete application form and return

Step 1: Read parental guide

The parents guide provides information on how the admissions procedure operates, how schools select pupils and when you will be informed of the outcome of your application.

Step 2: Download and check places available

Note: Each school has a number of reference books for viewing which detail the admissions criteria for all schools in their area.

Search for School Criteria

Use the search options to find schools and their criteria information.  The Keywords search will search for school name or location.  Enter a postcode if you wish to do a mileage range search.

Search Results

  • click on a School name to view full schools details
  • click the School Criteria Document to view school admissions criteria and details of open days/evenings
  • click back button to return to search results

If you require further help, please contact the appropriate EA admissions office.

Step 3: School Criteria Search

Step 4 Complete additional preferences form and return

If you have received a letter advising that your child has not been selected for admission and you now wish to be considered by one of the post primary schools with places available please complete and return the additional preference form which was enclosed with your letter.


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