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Pre-School Admissions

Pre-School Admissions

Pre-school education is not statutory. It is designed for children in the year immediately before they enter P1, although a limited number of places may be available for younger children in some centres.

Funded pre-school places are available in a range of pre-school centres (providers) including:

  • nursery schools;
  • nursery units in primary schools; and
  • voluntary and private playgroups and day nurseries which are part of the Pre-school Education Programme (these centres may also offer fee paying places to parents).


  • Read all information carefully
  • Step 1: Download and read the guide for parents
  • Step 2: Download application form
  • Step 3: Check school criteria
  • Step 4: Complete application form and return to first preference pre-school provider

Step 1: Read guide for parents

The parents guide provides information on how the admissions procedure operates, how pre-schools select pupils and when you will be informed of the outcome of your application.

Step 2: Download application form

Download and print the application form in preparation for completion.  A printed copy of an application form can be obtained if necessary from your local pre-school provider.  The closing time for submitting the application form to your first prefernce provider is no later than 12 noon on Wednesday 10 January 2018.

Note: Each pre-school has a reference book for viewing which details the admissions criteria for all pre-school providers in their council area. 

Search for School Criteria

Use the search options to find Pre-Schools and their criteria information.  The Keywords search will search for school name or location.  Enter a postcode if you wish to do a mileage range search.

Search Results

  • click on a School name to view full schools details
  • click the School Criteria Document to view school admissions criteria.
  • click back button to return to search results

If you require further help, please contact the appropriate EA admissions office.

Step 3: School Criteria Search

NOTE: if searching for the term 'Mary' type a space in front of it to avoid the total return of primary.


School NameEducation PhaseArea
Keady Community PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Kells & Connor Pre-SchoolPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Kenbaan Community Pre-school Pre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Kesh Community Nursery SchoolPre-school EducationWestern
Kiddies Castle Early YearsPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Kiddiwinkles Pre-SchoolPre-school EducationSouthern
Kids @ BT9Pre-school EducationBelfast
Kids First DaycarePre-school EducationBelfast
Kids Kabin Cross Community Playgroup DrumaroadPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Kids R Us Cross Community PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Kidzone PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Kilbride PlaygroupPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Kilcooley PS Nursery Unit BangorPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Kilkeel Nursery SchoolPre-school EducationSouthern
Kilkeel PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Killean PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Killough PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Killowen PS Nursery Unit LisburnPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Killyleagh Integrated PS Nursery UnitPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Killyman Community PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Kilmaine PS Nursery Unit BangorPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Kilmood Playgroup KillinchyPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Kilmoyle PS Nursery UnitPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Kilrea Community Early YearsPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Kilroot PlaygroupPre-school EducationNorth Eastern

Step 4: Complete application form and return to first preference pre-school provider

Parents should complete a single application form that lists in order of preference those pre-schools where you would consider sending your child.

Form must be returned to your first preference pre-school provider by 12 noon on Wednesday 10 January 2018.


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