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Pre-School Admissions

Pre-School Admissions

Read all the information carefully

The Pre-School Admissions Procedure is in two stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the pre-school admissions procedure which deals only with target age children concluded on Thursday 26 April 2018 with the issue of letters to notify parents of the outcome of their application. If you received a letter read the Information Leaflet - What do you need to do now?

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the pre-school admissions procedure runs from Friday 27 April 2018 and concludes on Friday 8 June 2018 with the issue of letters to notify parents of the outcome of their application.Read the Guide for Parents below.

Places Available

Places Available - This document includes pre-school funded places available for September at the close of Stage 1.

This parents' guide provides information on how the admissions procedure operates and how pre-schools select children.
If you have not previously applied and wish to be considered by one of th pre-school providers with places available, you should read the provider's admission criteria, download and complete an application form and return to the first preference provider to arrive no later than 4pm on Friday 25 May 2018.

School Search Criteria

Search for School Criteria

Use the search options to find pre-schools and their criteria information.  The Keywords search will search for school name or location.  Enter a postcode if you wish to do a mileage range search.

Search Results

  • click on a School name to view full schools details
  • click the School Criteria Document to view school admissions criteria  
  • click back button to return to search results

NOTE: if searching for the term 'Mary' type a space in front of it to avoid the total return of primary.


School NameEducation PhaseArea
Lack Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolWestern
Ladybird Lane PG BanbridgePre-school EducationSouthern
Ladybirds Playgroup and Day NurseryPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Lagan College Post Primary SchoolSouth Eastern
Laghey Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolSouthern
Landhead Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolNorth Eastern
Langfield Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolWestern
Largymore Primary School LisburnPrimary SchoolSouth Eastern
Larne & Inver Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolNorth Eastern
Larne GrammarPost Primary SchoolNorth Eastern
Larne High SchoolPost Primary SchoolNorth Eastern
Laughterland Early YearsPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Laurelhill Community College Post Primary SchoolSouth Eastern
Laurencetown Pre-School PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Lavey Early Years GroupPre-school EducationNorth Eastern
Leadhill Primary School BelfastPrimary SchoolSouth Eastern
Leaney Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolNorth Eastern
Legacurry Pre school LisburnPre-school EducationSouth Eastern
Leitrim PlaygroupPre-school EducationSouthern
Ligoniel Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolBelfast
Limavady Central Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolWestern
Limavady Grammar SchoolPost Primary SchoolWestern
Limavady High SchoolPost Primary SchoolWestern
Limavady Nursery SchoolPre-school EducationWestern
Linn Primary SchoolPrimary SchoolNorth Eastern

Where can I get further help?

If you require further help, please contact the appropriate EA admissions office.


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