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Transfer between schools

Transfer between schools

If your child is in Years 2-7 of a primary school or Years 9-12 and you wish to move him / her to another primary school or another post primary school you will need to make a formal application using the AP1 form.
Appealing a school place decision
You can make an application to the Exceptional Circumstances Body (ECB) in situations where your child has not been admitted to the school you consider that, for exceptional reasons, he/she must attend. This facility is available only in respect of admissions to post-primary schools (Years 8 to 12). There is no deadline for applications to the ECB. Information can be found on the nidirect web site.

AP1 form

Submit the AP1 form directly to the school you wish your child to be considered for. Forms may be completed for different schools at the same time.  The school will respond to you in writing when a decision has been made, normally within 10 working days.  There is no deadline for applications. The AP1 form provides information on the circumstances where you have a right of complaint or appeal if you are refused admission by a school. 

Search for School Criteria

Use the search options to find schools and their criteria information.  The Keywords search will search for school name or location.  Enter a postcode if you wish to do a mileage range search.

Search Results

  • click on a School name to view full schools details
  • click the School Criteria Document to view school admissions criteria.
  • click back button to return to search results

If you require further help, please contact the appropriate EA admissions office.

School Search

Other Useful Links

ETI School Inspection Reports

Information on schools with places available can be found at the following link. You may wish to check with the school as the situation may have changed since this list was compiled.


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