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Apply for School Transport

Apply for School Transport

The online app is for New applications.    

If your child is:
  • Entering Primary School  
  • Transferring from Primary to Post Primary School  
  • Moving into Year 13 – Where your child is returning to Year 13, regardless as to whether they remain in the same school or choose to move to a new school, you must make a new application once you have received confirmation of acceptance into Year 13. 

Please note that for a pupil currently residing in the Dixon Plan area and attending a further away school i.e. Banbridge Academy, the system may NOT provide you with an accurate assessment and the Local Transport Office will deal with this on an individual basis.

Change of Circumstances:

You will also be required to re-apply for transport assistance if your child is already in receipt of transport assistance and your circumstances have changed i.e. change of address or change of school, you are required to reapply for transport assistance. Refer to FAQ Does my child have to reapply each year?

Already in receipt of transport assistance:

If your child is already in receipt of transport assistance and continuing at the same school through Primary 1-7 or Post Primary Year 8-12, you are not required to reapply each year unless there is a change in circumstances.  If your child is in receipt of a Translink Sessional Pass, their new pass will be at the school for collection in the first week of term.   

Apply Now

Before you start

Read the Terms & Conditions below.

*You will receive a unique reference number which must be used in any correspondence with the Authority*

The online process for Primary and Post Primary pupils for September 2018 is now available – Apply Now

If your circumstances have changed or you have any difficulty completing this form, contact the School Transport Helpdesk 0300 200 7824.

Further Education

If you wish to apply for a Further Education College click here

Special Educational Needs

If your child has Special Educational Needs click here for further information as you may not be required to complete the form.

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