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A complete list of EA circulars from May 2015.


Access to the electronic timesheet servers.

Beginning Teachers

Welcome to the Education Authority’s Induction and Early Professional Development website.  Here you will find important information and support materials for Beginning Teachers, Teacher Tutors and schools on the Induction and EPD stages of the Career Long Professional Development (CLPD) pathway. 

Area Planning

In April 2017, the Education Authority (EA) published Providing Pathways - Strategic Area Plan for Schools 2017-2020. It is the first ever strategic area plan for Northern Ireland. The plan identifies the challenges for the education system throughout each Local Government District (LGD) area.

Teaching Appointments Scheme

The Teaching Appointments Scheme online learning materials serve to extend the support and training provided to principals and governors in controlled schools. 

Intercultural Education Service (IES)

The Intercultural Education Service is a new regional service formed in April 2017 as a result of merging together the former Inclusion & Diversity Service and the Traveller Education Support Service.

Manage a Critical Incident

Managing a critical incident in your school. A critical incident may be defined as any sudden and unexpected incident or sequence of events which cause trauma within a school community and which overwhelms the normal coping mechanisms of that school.

Managing a School Complaint

As you may be aware, from 1st April 2017 the remit of the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman (NIPSO) has included the investigation of complaints from members of the public in relation to maladministration in publicly-funded schools.

School Finance

Under the Local Management of Schools funding arrangements, the Education Authority is required to pass on the calculated share of each funding stream budget directly to its schools, maximising the delivery of available resources to the classroom.

School Governors

The governors section of the Education Authority (EA) website aims to provide information on a wide range of governor related matters and relevant resources to help Boards of Governors become more effective in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in accordance with legislation and best practice.

Integrated Finance System

The Education Authority recently introduced a new Integrated Finance System. Guidance for schools has been developed to ensure that those using the news system are fully informed of the new arrangements. Click on the links below to access the documents.


Emergency Management Guidance

During periods of severe weather, it is important that schools take steps to minimise the potential impact on school buildings and facilities.


The Education and Library Boards (ELBs) were dissolved on 31 March 2015. The Education Authority was established on 01 April 2015 and is now responsible for all of the operational functions previously carried out by the five ELBs in accordance with the Education Orders.

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