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Early Professional Development

Early Professional Development

A Guide to EPD

Welcome to the Early Professional Development (EPD) section of the web site. You are now in the third stage of your Career Long Professional Development (CLPD) having successfully completed your Initial Teacher Training and Induction.    

EPD sees the focus of reflection shift from thinking about teaching to thinking about learning and is designed to ensure that you continue to receive the support from within the teaching profession which is characteristic of the best practice of professional development.

During this stage, you will continue to engage in competence based professional development and present evidence of this in an EPD portfolio. 

Click here to view the GTCNI Competences. 

EPD normally takes 2 years to complete, EPD Year 1 and EPD Year 2.  EPD is not optional but an essential part of further training and professional development in which all teachers are required to participate.

The requirements of EPD are set out in ‘The Teacher Education Partnership Handbook’ which may be viewed in full on the Department of Education’s website

Click on the link below to open Section 5 on the EPD Stage.   

What if …     

Click here for some guidance on what to do if you are not in full time employment during the 2 year EPD stage or if you return to Northern Ireland having completed the equivalent of the Induction stage in Great Britain, e.g.:

  • You are employed in a school less than 2 years
  • You are employed in day to day substitute teaching or not in post
  • You return to NI after teaching in England, Scotland or Wales


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