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EA tv Teacher videos

EA tv Teacher videos

EA tv Teacher videos can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below.

EA tv Teacher videos

  • Shared Education - OverviewThis EA tv programme provides an overview of Shared Education with an in-depth focus on the DSC: Shared Education Signature Project. 02/03/2018
  • A Guide To Early Professional DevelopmentCongratulations - you have completed the Induction phase of your teaching career. What comes next? 18/10/2016
  • The Marking SchemeThe Education Authority's agreed Marking Scheme is contained within a separate document from the Teaching Appointments Scheme. It is essential that every panel member is clear about the correct application of the Marking Scheme. This video... 03/05/2016
  • Conducting InterviewsMost if not all selection processes conducted within the Teaching Appointments Scheme, will include at least one interview. The Scheme includes clear guidance on conducting an interview, and the video programme explains the step by step... 03/05/2016
  • Conducting ShortlistingA number of important decisions must be reached before panel members can have sight of any completed applications. This programme explains all steps involved in the shortlisting process as outlined in the Teaching Appointments Scheme. 03/05/2016
  • Selection Panel CompositionThis programme describes the specific composition of the selection panel for appointing a principal, vice principal or teacher. 03/05/2016
  • The Preliminary MeetingA number of significant decisions are made at the preliminary meeting, and the job documentation pack will also be agreed. This programme summarises the key decisions and documents that will be agreed at the preliminary meeting in... 03/05/2016
  • An Introduction to the Teaching Appointments SchemeThis short video programme aims to introduce the Teaching Appointments Scheme for controlled schools, introduced by the Education Authority on 1 February 2016. It includes a brief, high-level summary of the scope of the scheme, with... 03/05/2016
  • An Introduction to Online Learning on the Teaching Appointments Scheme for Controlled SchoolsThis brief video overview, introduces the series of video programmes that have been designed as part of the Education Authority's overall training provision on the Teaching Appointments Scheme. 03/05/2016


The Education and Library Boards (ELBs) were dissolved on 31 March 2015. The Education Authority was established on 01 April 2015 and is now responsible for all of the operational functions previously carried out by the five ELBs in accordance with the Education Orders.

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