Education Authority

The Education Authority is responsible for delivering education services across Northern Ireland.

Interim Strategic Plan

The Education Authority (EA) has published its first Strategic Plan, which sets out the organisation’s vision to ‘inspire, support and challenge all children and young people to be the best that they can be’.


About Education Authority

EA is responsible for ensuring that efficient and effective primary and secondary education services are available to meet the needs of children and young people, and support for the provision of efficient and effective youth services.

We help with all aspects of your child's journey through education from admission to pre-school, getting transport to school, changing schools, to moving through primary and post-primary. We are also here to help with newcomer issues, special educational needs and provide support whenever you or your child needs it.


Highlights on EA

  • EA One poster

    Online Recruitment is now live for schools

    Thursday 9 January 2020

    Online Recruitment is now live for schools. Anyone applying for an EA school – based post or a teaching position in a controlled school can now do it easily and online.

  • EA Logo Image

    EA Highlights Importance of Audit and Risk Assurance

    Friday 20 December 2019

    The Education Authority’s Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC) highlighted the important work of the Committee and the Audit Team in delivering effective governance for EA.

  • Young people with EA staff

    Celebration of Full Attendance at School

    Tuesday 17 December 2019

    Pupils from fourteen schools across Northern Ireland were honoured at a special event on Monday 16 December 2019, to celebrate the completion of their school journey without missing a single day.