Sign Language Provision

SignVideo (formerly InterpreterNow)

Sign language user? You can contact the Education Authority by making a video call to a British Sign Language or Irish Sign Language interpreter:

SignVideo was known as InterpreterNow until 2021. Please note that if you have previously used the InterpreterNow app these links will no longer work correctly and you will need to re-register with SignVideo if using the smartphone or tablet app. The website link works via direct access and will not require an account to access.

Please note, this service is available from Monday to Friday (from 9:00am to 5:00pm).

Conversations via this communication channel should only bused to communicate general information and it is not intended for sharing highly sensitive information.

If your conversation is more formal, or serious, in nature these will be done in person or remotely via a one-to-one Sign Language.

Sign Language Interpreter Service

The EA Equality Unit source and book BSL/ISL approved interpreters for parents deaf and sign language users for meetings/ information sessions which relate to their child’s education and/or welfare.

If you are a school or parent who requires this service, please contact the Equality Unit on [email protected] or 02890 564213 for further information.

British Sign Lanugage

Irish Sign Language

Last updated: 22/03/2024