Transfer Tests

AQE/GL tests are unregulated entrance assessments organized independently by schools. The EA is not involved in these tests nor does it have information on the scores.

Information on unregulated tests is referred to in the admissions criteria published by schools. However as these tests are unregulated any specific queries regarding scores/grades, arrangements for special circumstances and special provision etc should be raised with the school(s) that you are applying to.

Special Circumstances

Most schools which use entrance assessments will consider medical or other problems which may have affected performance in the test and which are supported by independent documentary evidence of a medical or other appropriate nature. These medical or other problems are commonly referred to as special circumstances.

A parent who wishes to claim special circumstances should read very carefully the requirements set out in the school(s) admissions criteria. This can differ from school to school so it is important to read the admissions criteria for all schools to which application being made.

For further advice on special circumstances the parent needs to contact those schools using entrance assessments directly.

Special Provisions

Special provisions refer primarily to:

  1. pupils whose parents wish them to transfer from schools outside Northern Ireland; or
  2. pupils who have received more than half their primary education outside Northern Ireland.

However, schools may use other definitions in their admissions criteria.

As in the case of ‘Special Circumstances’ parents/guardians of pupils who may come under special provision need to contact those schools using entrance tests directly. The EA Psychology Service will not be involved in the assessment of these pupils.

Last updated: 14/01/2021