Post-Primary Schools Admission Guide

Post-primary admissions process will apply to your child unless they have a statement of special educational needs, they are applying to the prep department in a grammar school or they are applying to an independent school.

Completing your child’s Transfer Form

You will be asked to provide information about your child when completing the Transfer Form. This is very important because:

  • If one of your chosen schools has more applicants than places available it will have to choose which children to admit.
  • A school will do this by applying its admissions criteria to its applicants.
  • The information that you provide about your child when completing the Transfer Form will be what a school will use to see how your child meets its admissions criteria.

The sort of information that will be important for you to provide will vary from school to school. It will often be information like:

  • Whether your child has any brothers or sisters already attending the school to which you are applying.
  • Whether the child is the eldest child, only child or the eldest boy/girl in the family.
  • Entrance test information should be recorded in the manner requested by the post-primary school where applicable.
  • Whether your child is registered with the EA, as being entitled to Free School Meals.

The above items are only examples, it is therefore vital that you read very carefully the admissions criteria to ensure that you understand what information is needed by all the schools you list and provide this information when completing the Transfer Form.

Please remember to notify the EA in writing if you change your address during the Post-Primary Admissions process.

Parents of twins who have a strong preference to send both children to the same post-primary school should look carefully at the admissions criteria used by the school(s) they wish to apply to. Some schools use criteria which are more likely to lead to the scenario whereby one twin secures a place but the other does not. This is particularly the case for schools that use academic admissions criteria (ie schools which require applicants to sit an entrance test).

Free School Meal Entitlement (FSME)

The Department has recommended that schools use their admissions criteria to make sure that they admit a fair number of children registered as entitled to Free School Meals.

  • To make this possible, the Transfer Form will ask you if your child is currently listed on the EA register of children entitled to Free School Meals.
  • If this applies to your child you should record this in the appropriate part of Section B on the Transfer Form.
  • Your claim of FSME registration will be checked if admission is secured on the basis of FSME.

If your child only becomes registered as entitled to Free School Meals after you have completed their Transfer Form you should contact the EA School Admissions Office in writing up to and including Wednesday 1 May 2019 at 4.00 pm.

Last updated: 14/01/2019