Pre-school Admissions Guide

Although pre-school isn't compulsory it has benefits. Our guide will help you understand more about the process and what to expect when applying for a place in pre-school for your child.

Living outside Northern Ireland at the time of application

You can make an application for a Pre-School place. However, priority is given to children residing in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission.

The Stage 2 procedure will commence on Friday 10 May 2019 and end on Tuesday 11 June 2019.  Applications for children with Republic of Ireland addresses will be processed within Stage 2.  Further information on the Stage 2 procedure will be available later.  You should continue to check this website for further updates during the procedure.

The Board of Governors or Management Committee can only use a new address once your child is residing at the new address. You should notify the EA in writing (by post or email when you have moved and you will need to provide verification of your move.  This must be submitted by 4pm on Monday 25 March 2019 in order for a pre-school provider to take the information into account when applying criteria.

Accepted documents to verify your new address include:

House move : 

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Rates bill
  • Sale of house agreement

Admissions Helpdesk

If additional information is required or any difficulty is experienced, parents can contact the admissions helpdesk on:

028 9598 5595

Helpline open from 9am to 5pm

or email the relevant address listed below

Last updated: 28/11/2018