Primary Admissions Guide

Our guide will help you understand more about the process and what to expect when applying for a place in primary school for your child.

Late Applications

During the admissions procedure when schools are applying their criteria punctual applications will be considered before late applications are considered.  

The application procedure opened on 7 January 2020 at 12noon (GMT) and an application submitted by the closing date of 30 January 2020 at 12 noon (GMT) will be treated as a punctual application.  

An application received after 12noon (GMT) on 30 January 2020 will be treated as a late application.

All late applications must be made on paper as the online Citizen Portal will not be accessible after the closing date/time to make an application .  You can submit a late application at any time but only those received by 12.00 noon on 7 February 2020 will be processed during the admissions procedure.  Late applications received after this date will not be considered until the admissions procedure has ended on 28 April 2020.

Having a late application could reduce your child’s likelihood of gaining a place in your preferred school i.e. should the school you are applying to receive more applications than it has places available it will firstly consider all punctual applications (including second and subsequent preference applications) before your application is considered.

Admissions Helpdesk

If additional information is required or any difficulty is experienced, parents can contact the admissions helpdesk via the email addresses below:

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Last updated: 30/01/2020