Primary Schools Admission Guide

Our guide will help you understand more about the process and what to expect when applying for a place in primary school for your child.

Applying for a Primary 1 place in the school year September 2018 – June 2019

An application form should be completed.  Forms are available on request from the School Admissions Office by emailing or may be obtained directly from the school.  You should make clear that you are seeking a form for the current school year 2018/2019.  The completed form should be submitted to the school for consideration along with your child’s birth certificate.  Some schools may also ask for other documentation to be submitted e.g. to verify your address. The school will respond to you directly with its decision, usually within ten working days.  

The above information is also relevant for Reception applicants to those schools which have a Reception class.

You should note that at this stage some primary schools will now be full and unable to admit your child.  You can contact the primary school directly to check if they still have places available. 

For information on what schools are available in your area click here. Contact details for schools can be accessed from this page.

For information on Preparatory Schools and Independent Schools you should contact the schools directly.

Admissions Helpdesk

If additional information is required or any difficulty is experienced, parents can contact the admissions helpdesk on:

028 9598 5595

Helpline open from 9am to 5pm

or email the relevant address listed below

Do you know that your choice and order of preferences could impact on your child’s eligibility for transport assistance?

Last updated: 07/12/2018