Centralised Health Awareness Training

The purpose of the training is to increase awareness of the various conditions listed below and to provide teachers with advice on how to recognise deterioration in a child’s condition as well as contact arrangements with staff from the Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT).

Schools are encouraged to avail of this training as School Nursing teams are not available for training outside these training sessions but are available for advice and support if required. 

The Lead Nurse for School Nursing has emphasised that it is important that schools contact the School Nursing Team if a child is newly diagnosed with an allergy, and presents in school with an adrenaline pen, so that an action plan can be put in place. 



Name Job Title Contact Number Email
Barbara Ervine School Health Manager (C/B) 028 3834 1431  
Gladys Bleakley
School Nurse Manager (A/D, N/M)  
028 3083 4291 / 078 4194 7018  


Name Job Title Contact Number Email
Charlene Saygi Children's Respiratory Link Nurse 028 3861 2101  
Dawn Addis Children's Respiratory & Allergy Nurse Specialist 028 3861 3840  


Name Job Title Contact Number Email
Janette Newell (N/M) Diabetes Specialist Nurse 028 3083 3666  
Marita Brock (A/D) Diabetes Specialist Nurse 028 8771 3515  
Pauline Ingram (C/B) Diabetes Specialist Nurse 028 3839 8238  


Name Job Title Contact Number Email
Margaret Meehan (Acute) Epilepsy Specialist Nurse 028 3861 4100  
Rosie Prunty (Community) Epilepsy Specialist Nurse 028 3741 2830  
Last upated: 26/11/2018