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The Education Authority has a statutory responsibility for the provision of transport assistance to facilitate attendance at a grant-aided school of pupils for whom fees are not paid and who are resident in Northern Ireland. This guide aims to help you navigate the transport application process.

How to Check My Child's Eligibility for Transport Assistance

Check Eligibility

If a parent wishes their child to receive transport assistance they must consider the requirements of the transport policy.

When nominating a child’s school preferences a parent will therefore need to consider if there are any nearer school(s) of the same category as their preferred school(s) within the statutory qualifying distance of your home and these MUST be nominated on a child’s admissions/transfer form in order of distance, with the closest first, before nominating any further away school(s).

Use our Transport Eligibility Checker to find out if your child will qualify for school transport.

The ‘Eligibility Checker’ is designed to advise parents if their child will be eligible for transport assistance to a chosen school, and it will identify any closer school(s) a parent will need to consider.  This will therefore help parents in making an informed decision regarding their school preferences.

Please note a formal on-line application for transport assistance will still need to be completed when your child receives their final school placement confirmation

If you have any difficulty completing this form, contact the School Transport Online Application Helpdesk 0300 200 7824.

Please note the online transport application process for September 2019 applications will open for:

  • Primary Pupils on Tuesday 14th May 2019
  • Post Primary Pupils on Tuesday 11th June 2019

Do you know that your choice and order of preferences could impact on your child’s eligibility for transport assistance?

Last updated: 03/06/2019