EA Connect: Notification of application outcome April 2024

Notification of application outcomes - accepting/rejecting offers

Notifications of outcomes for admissions to pre-school (stage 1) and primary school, will be issued to parents on 25 April 2024.

Parents who applied via EA Connect will receive an email to their registered email address.

Key dates for Application Outcomes

  • 18 April  - A reminder email will be sent to parents to make them aware of the application outcome date of 25 April.
    • Support from schools: Please remind parents of the outcome date and to check junk mail on 25 April. Social media posts are provided within the Toolkit on the Admissions Resource Hub for schools to share
  • 25 April - Notification of application outcome to an EA Connect registered email.
    • Parents who started an application but didn't submit will not receive an email.
    • Parents who submitted pre-school underage or late deferral applications will not receive an outcome until 11 June.
    • Parents can accept their child's place by logging into EA Connect account 
  • 3 May - Schools can monitor applicants' responses to offers on EA Connect (Excel report) and may wish to follow up with parents directly.

Outcomes for Parents

Depending on the application outcome, parents will receive one of three notifications:

  • Selected at the first preference pre-school/school; 
  • Selected at the second or a lower preference pre-school/school;
  • Not selected at any pre-school/school listed on the application.


Offered Places

Where a place has been offered, parents will be provided with instructions on how to log in to their EA Connect account and accept their child’s place. Where possible, please encourage your parents' community of the importance of accepting a place offered by 3 May 2024 by 4pm.

After this date, parents will not be able to accept/reject the place offered within the portal. You can monitor those applicants who have accepted and rejected places via the Excel report on EA Connect, and you may wish to follow up with parents directly if they have not responded to the offer of a place.

Rejected Offers

In the unlikely event that a place is rejected, parents can indicate this on EA Connect. A pop-up message outlines the consequences of rejecting a place and a box may be ticked, should a parent wish to proceed. Where a place is rejected you will receive an email confirmation.

Not Selected

Where a child has not been selected for admission to a school, parents will be advised of their right to appeal the decision of the Board of Governors.

Information on the appeals process will be made available on the EA website. Please note that the appeals process for nursery and primary schools is not available on EA Connect.

Further updates to 'Notes of Guidance' for schools will be available on the Admissions Resource Hub

Further information and support for parents available on our Admissions page.

Last updated: 23/04/2024