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The Project will be delivering instructor-led training for all timecard inputters approximately one month in advance of their Go-Live. This training will be around two hours in duration and will be delivered with a mixture of virtual and in-person sessions.

Timecard submitters will be trained using demo videos and user material.

The EA One Hub also provides access to training materials such as a handbook which has been developed to outline the processes to follow when inputting and submitting timecards in the new system and videos to demonstrate the system working in action.

Timecard Handbook

The Timecard Handbook has been developed to outline the processes to follow when inputting and submitting timecards in the new system.

How to Videos

Demo videos have been developed to demonstrate the system working in action and will be a useful reference point for end users. There are 3 videos available, covering:

  • Basics of inputting and submitting timecards
  • Recording exceptions (e.g. sickness, additional hours)
  • Resolving warnings and errors on the timecard

Timecard Demo Videos

EA One Timekeeper and Timecard Validation

Digital Timecards FAQs

General Questions

How do I access Oracle?

You can access Oracle here - Oracle Login Page. If this Link does not work, please use this alternative link to access Oracle outside of EANI network.

Where do I find my Oracle Login details?

If you have not received your log in details by email, please email EAOneHelpdesk@eani.org.uk and we can provide you with your username and a temporary password.

Should the Timecard Inputter and Submitter complete the timecards together, or can they be completed separately?

The Timecard Inputter can input the working hours and then the Submitter can approve them separately. However, if you wish you can let your Submitter know offline when the timecards are ready for submission.

Do the timecards need to be completed every week?

The timecards will generate weekly, and it is encouraged to complete them weekly.

Can the Inputter download the summary report to save, or does it have to be the downloaded by the submitter?

Both the Inputter and Submitter can download the summary report, however, make sure the status of the timecard is 4 – approved lines. This ensures that all time is entered and approved correctly so the information downloaded on the report is accurate.

Timecard Errors

Can I amend a Timecard after it has been submitted to Payroll?

If an employee’s working pattern is incorrect, who do I contact to amend this on the timecard?

If one of your employee’s working patterns is wrong on their timecard, please contact your regional People Services office for EA Staff or the Teacher’s Pay Team for DE Staff, to correct this.

How do I resolve the "no previously approved timesheet(s) exist” failed validated lines message?

This is a common error which occurs when a timecard is validated and the week(s) before aren’t approved, as you can only successfully validate a timecard if the previous week has been approved. To resolve this, Identify and navigate to the most recent week with a status of 4 – Approved Lines. Then navigate to the week after that, Run Check Timecards, and then Validate Timecards. The status should then update to 3 – Validated Lines. Inform the submitter that this week can now be approved.

I have tried clicking on an employee’s name, but the timecard won't open to edit?

To view and edit an employee’s timecard, select the name from the list of employees then scroll to the bottom of the page to view and edit the timecard.

Recording absences

Will annual leave and sickness be pre-populated on the timecard if these are completed on Self-Service before the timecard is generated?

No, these are not connected to the timecard. Please follow guidance in the timecard handbook on how to input these correctly. Please note, annual leave should not be recorded on the timecard, unless the member of staff is on an EA M2 timecard.

When recording illness, do I not need to complete the reason field?

No, when recording sickness on the timecards the reason field does not need to be entered as the employee will complete a self-certification with their absence details.

If a member of staff is off for an extended period can this be pre-populated on the timecard so that I don't have to amend the employee’s timecard every week?

For long term leave such as maternity/paternity leave or career breaks, once the appropriate forms are received by the appropriate party, the absence will be prepopulated on the timecards. For long term sickness, change the basic line to sickness until the employee returns to work.

How do I record an employee who has taken a half day to attend a doctor’s appointment?

To record a half day, add a row and choose special leave paid then remove half of the hours from the basic box for the half day and add the hours into the special leave paid box. Double click into the reason box in the special leave paid row and choose the appropriate reason.

School Closures and Training Days

Do school holidays/exceptional closures have to be recorded against each staff members timecard?

For EA Staff: These should auto populate on your timecard, however you can manually amend the timecard for any closures which are not prepopulated.

For DE Staff: In order to record a School Closure for Teaching Staff, please add a comment to the first employee on the timecard with the closure dates for the whole school. You will need to state Exceptional, Vacation or Optional Closure in the comment box. The EA One Project will deliver an improved solution for recording School Closures in the near future, and will share communications and refreshed training materials when this is ready.

What is the process for recording training days for all staff.

The same process for School Closures should be followed for Training days, please follow the guidance in the question above if this applies to you.

How do I record one Teacher attending training?

To record a training day for a teacher, add a row then select special leave paid. Remove the hours for the training day from the basic row and add them into the special leave paid row. Double click into the reason field and select the type of training from the drop-down box.

Inputter and Submitter responsibilities

If emergency cover for non-teaching staff needs to be brought in, how are they recorded on the timecards?

The Line Manager should complete a Temporary Engagement form for the temporary employee and submit to their regional people services. Once the form is processed by people services, the temporary employee will appear on the timecards and the inputter can go back and retrospectively input the employee’s time. Please note, when going back to input the employee’s time, this will need to be inputted and approved in chronological order.

Who holds the responsibility for inputting Teacher timecards?

The EA One Project wrote to schools in September 2023 seeking your support in validating who will be responsible for inputting and submitting timecards. We envisage the responsibility will remain as it is today unless you explicitly asked us to change it. It is likely that whoever completes and sends the current teacher’s returns to the Teacher’s Pay Team should input the timecard and the Principal should approve. If you are unsure who holds the Inputter and Submitter responsibilities or you need to make a change to these in any way, please contact EAOneHelpdesk@eani.org.uk.

Can there be more than one Inputter within a school?

Yes, it is recommended to have at least two Inputters for each timecard, so if the main Inputter goes on leave there is a ‘backup’ Inputter who can complete the timecards in their absence.

How can I be added as the new/ additional timecard Inputter or Submitter for my Team?

Please email EAOneHelpdesk@eani.org.uk requesting to be added as an Inputter or Submitter. To grant this responsibility, we will require Principal/ Head of Service approval.

Can the Timecard Inputter and Submitter be the same person?

For audit purposes, it is recommended to have a separation of duties between the Timecard Inputter and Submitter. However, in some circumstances and with the Principal/ Head of Service approval both responsibilities can be granted to the same person.

What happens if my Timecard Inputter is off on leave?

It is recommended that every timecard has at least one backup Inputter so if the main Inputter goes on leave, someone else will also have the Inputter responsibility to complete the timecards. To set someone up as a backup Inputter please email EAOneHelpdesk@eani.org.uk with Principal/ Head of Service approval.

If someone is both the Inputter and Submitter, is there a way to switch between both areas without logging off?

If you are both the Inputter and the Submitter, you do not need to log out when navigating between ‘Inputter’ and ‘Submitter’. Once the timecards have been validated, press the ‘home’ button to return to the Oracle home page where you can then select the ‘Submitter’ responsibility from the navigation panel.

Online HR forms

Where can I access the online HR forms?

The online HR forms such as the Temporary Engagement form can be accessed through the ‘useful forms’ button in the both the Inputter and Submitter responsibilities. These forms can also be accessed through the EA One Hub.

What will be the process for removing leavers from the timecard?

For EA staff: the line manager should complete a Termination of Contract form and send to People Services.

For DE staff: contact the Teacher’s Pay Team to inform of ay Leavers.

The process below for recording the Leaver on the timecard is the same for DE and EA staff.

The “Basic” row should be changed to “Terminated Assignment”, when completing the timecard validation, a warning message will appear to ensure all relevant forms have been completed. If all forms have been completed, the Submitter can ignore this message and approve the timecard. Once processed on the system, the employee will be removed from the Timecard.

Will working patterns on the timecard update if someone has gone through the variation of hours process?

Once an employee has gone through the correct variation of hours process and the correct forms are submitted (Change of Contractual Hours form for EA and TR 142 Variation form for DE), their working pattern on the timecard will update to the new working pattern.

Submitting Timecards

Will the Timecard Submitter receive an email to advise that the timecards are ready for approval?

When the Timecards are ready for approval, the Submitter will receive an email notification prompting them to approve. When the Timecard Submitter logs into Oracle, they will see a status column indicating a timecard has been validated by the Inputter and is now is ready for review and approval.

Is it possible to delegate approval to an Inputter if the Submitter is off?

If the Submitter is aware of an upcoming absence, they can use the vacation rule on their Oracle home page to set up a temporary approver. However, if the Submitter is off for an extended period and has not done this, please contact EAOneHelpdesk@eani.org.uk. If necessary, an individual can be given both the Inputter and Submitter responsibility.

Permanent Teaching Timecards

Will there be changes to the timecard deadlines?

EA One will not change the payroll deadlines for submitting timecards. We do encourage you to submit timecards weekly to support staff getting paid accurately and on time.

Will Teachers continue to receive the same salary each month, even though the hours noted on the system may be different each month?

Yes, Permanent Teachers will continue to receive the same salary as before. The new timecard solution will have no impact on this.

Will Permanent Teachers and Non-Teaching staff appear on the same page?

No, Permanent Teacher timecards will appear on a different page to the non-teaching timecards. If you are the Inputter for both teaching and non-teaching timecards, you can navigate between the two in the timekeeper group at the top of the Inputter page.

Will I have a Payroll contact person for teaching timecards, like I do for the non-teaching timecards?

Yes, your payroll contact for Permanent Teachers will remain the same once the timecards go live on EA One. Typically, this is your regional section of the Teacher’s Pay Team.

Can I add additional hours for Teachers on a Temporary Variation who attend training on all Baker Days and Staff Development Days?

All additional hours for Teachers on reduced hour contracts should be recorded through the NI Substitute Teaching Register (NISTR).

How is Phased Return to Work recorded?

The employee should be recorded as sickness up until the first day of phased return. Any agreed gaps between the last day of sickness and first day of the phased return should be recorded as Basic hours. Days not worked should be recorded as special leave paid with Phased Return in the Reason field.

If a Teacher is doing extended schools, is a TR 267 still required? Will this be added to timecards as separate jobs?

Yes, a TR 267 should still be completed and submitted to the Teacher’s Pay team. To get an extended schools post added on the system, please contact you EA regional People Services.

Are additional hours for Part-time Teachers who are paid through NISTR for extra days, now put through on the timecards?

Part-time teachers who work additional hours/days over their contracted hours are not paid through timecards. Additional hours should be recorded on NISTR by the school. Their main part-time job should still be recorded on timecards as normal.

How will Permanent Teachers know to access Self-Service & Payslips?

Teachers will receive communication from EA One to their C2K email addresses with information on how and when they can access EA One Self-Service. Information on Self-Service training available for Permanent Teachers will also be communicated out.

Is this only for Permanent Teachers or will it include substitutes?

The implementation of EA One for Permanent Teachers went live on Monday 6th November 2023. Following this, Temporary Teachers will go-live on the EA One system on Wednesday 31st January 2024.

If I am already an Inputter and Submitter for non-teaching, will I still have both of these for the Permanent Teacher timecards?

Whoever holds the Inputter and Submitter roles for the Permanent Teachers’ timecards has been confirmed by each school’s Principal. The Inputter of non-teaching can also be the Inputter of the Teaching timecards depending on each school Principal’s allocation.

Training and Support

Are there any training guides and videos available to view?

On the EA One Hub, you can find timecard demo videos and a timecard handbook including the step-by-step process to inputting and submitting timecards as well as information on the timecard policies.

Will there be immediate help available if I need assistance, or will there be a wait for a reply?

The EA One Helpdesk will be available should help be needed during business hours. We aim to respond to all queries immediately, however during busy periods there may be a possibility of a wait or if the query is raised outside of business hours. Phone: 028 9041 8060 Email: EAOneHelpdesk@eani.org.uk

If I have a HR/ payroll query, can I still phone HR or do I contact EA One?

Timecard and system queries should be directed to EAOneHelpdesk@eani.org.uk. You should continue to direct all policy related queries to HR as usual.

For EA Staff: Please contact your regional People Services office for HR queries or your Payroll Officer for payroll queries.

For DE Staff: Please direct all HR and payroll queries to the Teacher’s Pay Team.

EA One Timecard Guidance

Timecard Advice - School Holidays

For full week of school closure

Points to remember during the school holidays:

Term time/Retained/38W Staff:

  • There should only be one row for school closure on the timecard (If not pre-populated, ensure the basic row has been changed to school closure or deleted and school closure row added) Some timekeepers keep the basic row but record zero hours for the full week causing the timecard to fail.
  • The row for school closure should be populated with the hours the employee usually works. Some timekeepers remove the hours and change them to zero as no hours were worked – ensure they keep in the hours.

52W Staff:

  • The school closure hours should be recorded as Basic and the hours should be kept in.  Some timekeepers change the hours to zero as no hours were worked – ensure they keep in the hours.  If the timekeeper tries to choose school closure for this type of employee an error message will occur telling them to change the hours type.
  • If employee is M2 and is taking annual leave, then the hours should be recorded as ‘Holiday Hours’. If not taking annual leave record hours as Basic.

If the timekeeper tries to choose school closure for this type of employee an error message will occur telling them to change the hours type.

For weeks that are partially school closure

Term time/Retained/38W Staff:

  • If some days are not school closure, ensure that the hours have been taken out for that day on the school closure line before adding them into to the basic row and vice versa. (If hours are recorded on the same day in both lines then there will be a warning about the hours not matching the work pattern) E.g. If the school is closed Monday to Wednesday but is open on Thursday and Friday, the hours for Monday to Wednesday should be kept in the school closure line but not in the basic line. For the Thursday and Friday, the hours should be inputted on the basic line but took out of the school closure line.

52W Staff:

  • The school closure hours should be recorded as Basic and the hours should be kept in.  E.g. If the school is closed Monday and Tuesday but open the rest of the week all the hours should be inputted as Basic as School Closure is not applicable for this type of employee.
  • If an employee is M2 and is taking annual leave the hours should be recorded as ‘Holiday Hours’ and if not taking annual leave the hours should be recorded as basic. E.g. If the school is closed Monday to Wednesday but the employee only decided to take the Monday as annual leave, the Monday should be recorded as Holidays Hours and the rest of the week should be Basic.

Other staff

  • If an employee has been on long term sick, their hours should still be recorded as Sickness even during school closure.
  • Nursery assistants often have enhanced contracts so are recorded as Basic during school closures
  • Staff that have been terminated but are still appearing on the timecard should continue to be recorded as ‘Terminated Assignment’ during school closures.

Common error messages when dealing with school closures

  • 'School closure does not match school holiday calendar’ - The Inputter may receive this pop-up message when selecting ‘School Closure’ as ‘Hours Type’. They can select ‘ok’, ignore and proceed without any further issues. 
  • 'Assignment not eligible for school closure, basic, unpaid, or holiday hours should be entered' - This error message would indicate to the Inputter that the worker in question is on a 52-week contract.

Other Common Timecard Issues

Failure to check/validate

If a timecard fails to check or validate, there will be an error message that the inputter can view by hovering over the error message. The error can be due to several reasons, but the message should outline the problem.

Most common reasons for Failed check lines:

  • Comment entered is too long
  • Reason not being entered when using Special Leave Paid/Unpaid
  • Entering zero hours for a full row

After rectifying the mistake ensure the inputter refreshes the timecards before running the check again.

Most common reasons for Failed Validate lines:

  • Timecards most commonly fail to validate due to ‘no previously approved timecards’ This occurs when the inputter tries to validate a timecard before the submitter has approved the timecard for the previous week. To rectify this the inputter needs to ensure the previous week is approved, then refresh, check and validate the timecards again.

Timekeeper access

  • If someone states that they are a timekeeper but cannot see the ‘EA Timecard Inputter/Submitter’ folder on their navigator panel. First check that their position is on the live timekeeper table. If they are on the timekeeper table then check that the responsibility is added to their user account. Ask them to log out and back in to see the changes made.
  • If someone can see the ‘EA Timecard inputter/Submitter’ folder but receives the error message ‘ORA-21000: error number argument to raise_application_error of -200010 is out of range’. It means that they have the timekeeper responsibility, but their position is not in the timekeeper table (position could need updated or else their position has been removed).

Additional hours/Overtime

When to apply Additional hours/overtime:

  • Under 36 hours* – Additional
  • 36 hours and over – Overtime

*Exception to this rule: If the hours are outside normal working day i.e. after 6pm, then overtime is used.

Further Details

Additional hours:

  • When hours are worked in addition to the contracted hours, but the overall hours worked are still below 36. E.g. an employee whose contract is 25 hours a week, but they work an extra 5 hours, so the total is 30 hours. However, if the hours worked are during unsocial hours then the additional hours are recorded as overtime.
  • When recording additional hours for SEN posts, a comment is required to confirm school or SEN cost. The timecard will fail check lines if no cost is entered


  • Overtime is used when the contract is above 36, or for employees whose contract is below 36 but the extra hours that they worked have took place outside their normal working day. E.g. the employee is on a 30-hour contract and worked 3 extra hours however the hours were worked from 8pm -11pm.
  • When entering overtime, the inputter will be given three options: Normal finish to 8pm/ 8pm to midnight/ Midnight to 6am

The inputter should ensure the appropriate permission has been granted before entering additional/overtime hours.

Missing/Additional employees

Missing employees:

  • If the member of staff missing from the timecard is a new joiner make sure the school has sent a Temporary engagement form to HR (form can be found under useful forms on the EA ONE website). When the employee is keyed onto the timecard the inputter will need to input the time from the first week they appear (This can mean going back a few weeks and retrospectively completing the timecard for the new worker).
  • If the member of staff was previously on the timecard but is now missing, a ticket will need to be raised to investigate. Common reason for this is the employee has since moved timesheet or been terminated.

Additional employees:

  • If the employee worked at the school but has now left, a leavers form needs to be completed and sent to HR (form can be found under useful forms on the EA One website). While waiting for HR to remove the employee from the timecard, the inputter should change the basic hours to ‘Terminated Assignment’ and keep in the hours. Ensure the inputter does not change the ‘Terminated Assignment’ hours to zero. Also ensure they have not kept the basic row. A warning will appear but can be ignored.
  • If the employee never worked at the school but is appearing on the timecard, a ticket needs raised so the issue can be investigated, and the employee moved to the correct org.

Working pattern

  • If an employee’s contracted hours have recently changed but the change has not been reflected on the timecards make sure that the school have sent a change of contractual hours to HR (form can be found under useful forms on the EA One website).
  • If the working pattern has been keyed on wrong but the employees contracted hours have not changed, please inform your payroll contact to rectify and display the correct work pattern going forward
  • While waiting on the working pattern to be corrected, the inputter can manually change the hours to what they should be. A warning will appear stating that the hours do not match the working pattern however this can be ignored. If entering sickness, the hours must match the working pattern, even if the working pattern is wrong. The timecard will fail otherwise, however payroll should be informed of the correct hours for sick pay.
Last updated: 22/11/2023