How can I learn more

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The following training materials can be used to build confidence in the new processes in advance of the formal training you will receive. Further training materials will be added to this section of the EA One Hub over the next few months.

Timecard handbook

The timecards handbook has been developed to outline the processes to follow when inputting and submitting timecards in the new system. The timecard handbook will be uploaded to the EA One Hub shortly.

Demo videos

Demo videos have been developed to demonstrate the system working in action and will be a useful reference point for end users. The video below shows how to complete and approve timecards.

Digital Timecards and HR Self Service FAQs

Further demo videos will be developed for HR Self-Service and uploaded to the EA One Hub.

Ask EA One a Question

Should you have a question on EA One, please contact the Project Team via the EA One Mailbox

Last updated: 08/07/2021