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On the EA One Hub you can also find information on improved features which have already been delivered by EA One, for example there are training videos and user guides available on online recruitment; and information on new HR online forms which have been launched to simplify submission of HR information. Please see below for further details.

Online Recruitment

The new digital Online Recruitment system has enabled the EA to reduce its average time-to-hire from 28 weeks to 15 weeks and has allowed the EA to continue to deliver its recruitment service remotely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This would not have been feasible if the EA One system and process improvements had not been delivered in advance.

The Online Recruitment system is the single digital platform to advertise all corporate and school roles and allows candidates to create a candidate profile to apply for multiple roles online. It also provides full visibility of the recruitment process and applications received. 

After a successful go live for corporate roles in June 2019, Online Recruitment was launched for school-based posts and teaching positions in schools in the Controlled sector in January 2020.

To learn more about the new Online Recruitment process, please watch our 2019 EA One Engagement Session video or visit HR Online to access training videos, users guides and FAQ’s.

Online HR Forms

The EA One project has been working on a series of PDF-based online forms to simplify the submission of HR information i.e. recording a leaver and temporary engagement of a new hire. These are designed to:

  • Standardise HR processes across the EA
  • Shift away from paper-based processing
  • Make it easier for HR to capture changes to the employee record

These are now live in Belfast and can be found on the Belfast Portal on ResourceLink via this link: HR Online Forms - Belfast

These will be implemented in other regions following this pilot. Please send any feedback on the forms to and this will be considered before implementing in other regions.

Last updated: 13/05/2021