EA One Self-Service for Teaching Staff

The EA One Self-Service solution provides Principals and Teachers with online functionality to complete processes quickly and efficiently without the need for paper, such as:

  • Receive online payslips; Permanent Teachers will no longer receive paper payslips, but access these online via the Self-Service portal.
  • Submit sickness self-certifications: sickness self-certifications can now be submitted online.
  • Submit mileage and expenses: mileage and expenses claims can now be submitted online for approval.
  • Update personal and bank details: personal and bank details can now be updated quickly and paper-free.

If you have any queries, please contact [email protected]

Teachers Self Service Handbook

Information Videos and User Guides

Teachers Self-Service FAQs


What do I do if I forget my Oracle password?

If you forget your Oracle password, you can use the login assistance on the login page or contact the [email protected].

If a Teacher wants to change their personal details, is this now their responsibility through Self-Service functionality?

Yes, the Teacher is responsible for maintaining any changes to their personal details. When using EA One Self-Service, employees can update their basic personal details such as address, phone numbers and bank details.

If you change your personal information on Self-Service, will Teacher’s Pay Team be notified?

When you change your personal information on Self-Service, this will update on your HR Record. Teacher’s Pay Team will be able to see that you have made the change, however they will only be notified in cases where approval/further information is required, such as when you request a change to your surname.

What if employees are still wanting to receive paper payslips?

Due to the ease of use and environmental benefit of e-payslips, all Permanent Teachers will receive their payslips through EA One Self-Service. However, these can be printed out or saved as a hard copy to your computer.

Are travel/expense claims to be submitted on EA One Self-Service?

Yes, these are now available on EA One Self-Service, full guidance and training videos are available on this page. 

Sickness, Absence & Self-Certifications

Should each individual record their own self-certification or can the admin staff do this for them?

Yes, everyone should record their own self-certifications on their personal Oracle account. If anyone has difficulty completing this, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Does a self-certification cover 7 working days or calendar days?

Self-certifications cover 7 calendar days. Please refer to the DE’s policy for further details.

If sickness absence extends beyond the Self-Cert period, are Teachers still required to upload extended dates onto the system?

Sickness which extends beyond the self-certification period should not be inputted into Self-Service, you should instead follow standard process for long-term sickness.

Can you upload a doctor’s note on the system?

This is not required for self-certification, for longer term absences continue to send your doctor’s notes to your current Teacher’s Pay Team contact.

For leave such as bereavement do I need to record a self-certification for this?

No, you do not need to complete a self-certification for leave other than sickness. You should continue to use your current process of informing your Principal for unexpected leave such as bereavement so the timecards can be updated accordingly.

Should I complete a self-certification on my first day of leave or on my day of return?

You should complete your self-certification on your first day back following sick leave.

How does the Inputter know that a teacher has submitted a self-certification, so it can be recorded on the timecards?

The Principal should inform the Inputter of any Teachers who are on sick leave so the timecards can be completed. The Principal (Submitter) should also be reviewing the timecards to ensure all Teacher’s time is recorded accurately before approving.

Mileage and Expenses

Is there training content on Milage and Expenses?

Yes, on the EA One Hub there are Mileage and Expenses training resources, including user guides and demo videos. These can be found at the top of this page.

Do temporary teaching staff complete the Mileage and Expenses process on Oracle?

Currently only temporary teachers paid at the end of the month, should complete the mileage and expenses process on Oracle. If you are paid mid-month, please continue to do what you do today.

Is there a deadline for expenses to be claimed?

Expenses should be submitted and approved by supervisors by 5pm on Tuesday, which is the weekly cut-off point. If there are no errors, claims will be paid on Friday into the same bank account as your salary. Anything submitted after that deadline will be paid the following week providing there are no errors. If your claim is awaiting Principal approval and the deadline is approaching, contact your Principal directly yourself to progress the claim.

What is the deadline for mileage to be claimed?

The mileage deadline for M1 (Month-end) staff is the 12th day of each month, for M2 (Mid-month) staff the deadline is the 28th day of each month. Claims will be paid in your next pay cycle. If your claim is awaiting Principal approval and the deadline is approaching, please contact your Principal directly to progress the claim.

Is the process of submitting a mileage claim the same for Principals and Teachers?

Yes, the process is the same for Principals and Teachers, however Principals will need to attach evidence of sign off from their Board of Governors. Please attach this when you go to submit the claim. Further guidance can be found on the mileage for teachers and principals job aid.

How do you record multiple trips in a day?

Multiple trips in a day can be recorded the same way as you record multiple trips over numerous days. For each journey use a new line on the mileage form to record the journey details.

If I start my journey from my house, should the permanent base be the office or my home address?

This is determined case by case. For more information on travel and expenses policies, please contact [email protected]

If the Principal is absent how are claims approved?

If a Principal is aware of their upcoming absence, they can use the vacation rule on their Oracle home page to set up a temporary approver for example, they could set the up the Vice Principal as the temporary approver. However, if your Principal is off for an extended period and has not done this, please contact [email protected]

Are Principals still required to sign the form as well as approving the claim on Oracle?

No, when the Principal approves the claim on Oracle this acts as the validation required so a signature is no longer required.

Who do I contact if the amount claimed does not match the amount paid?

If you have any queries on your mileage claim payment – i.e. an approved claim that you have already received payment for, please contact your Teacher’s Pay Team contact who will be able to view the claim on your pay record.

For electric cars what do I put in the engine capacity?

For electric vehicles, there is now a zero-emission option available when you select the type of mileage you are wishing to claim. Select this when setting the fuel type and the form will adapt.

If there is a diversion and I must take a longer route, how can this be indicated on the Mileage, Subsistence, and expenses form?

Leave a note on this in the TSE form against the line you are recording the journey against. If you are still claiming against the shortest possible route available at the time this is fine.

Do I require a physical copy of my receipts?

No, a physical copy is not needed however a digital copy is required to be uploaded onto the expense claim and should be retained until the claim is approved.

Last updated: 11/01/2024