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The following forms are available for Principals, Line Managers and Administrators to complete and submit to HR. 

  • Temporary Engagement Form
  • Record a Leaver Form
  • Change in Contractual Hours Form

New online forms are now available for Principals, Line Managers and Administrators in the Armagh region from 11th April 2024. Further information is available below in the HR Forms section. 

HR Forms

Armagh Office

Microsoft Digital Forms are Live on EA One for the Armagh Office from Thursday 11th April 2024. This is a system change in how you currently submit your Temporary Engagement, Change of Hours, and Leavers forms to HR Services. These old forms in PDF format will now be replaced with new digital Microsoft Forms. The new digital forms are designed to speed up transaction times and make them easier to submit to HR Services.

From Thursday 11th April 2024, those of you who submit forms to the Armagh regional office will have access to the digital links and be able to submit Temporary Engagement, Change of Hours, and Leavers forms online.

The onboarding of the other four regional offices and other service areas will soon follow, and you will be notified of the commencement date for each regional office and service area in due course.

Where can I find support?

Direct support from the Armagh HR Services Team is available by contacting us on 028 9041 8006 or by emailing the Armagh office on: [email protected]

A glossary of useful terms is available for reference on this page below should you need to use them.

We have also included a New Employee Data Capture form.  You may find this a useful tool to gather new employee or returning employee personal information prior to commencing the completion of the digital form.  You can provide the employee with a copy for reference and/or retain a copy for your reference should you wish to do so.

Digital Form Links

Below you will find the new digital links for the Temporary Engagement, Change of Hours, and Leavers forms. From Thursday 11th April 2024, the new digital forms are being used for the Armagh office only.  The onboarding of the remaining four regions and other service areas will follow Armagh and they will be notified of the commencement date of each in due course.

HR Forms

Glossary of Terms




Person completing and submitting the online form(s) - normally the Secretary within the School.


Position/Job undertaken.

Assignment Number

You will find this on the timecard, attached to the relevant Assignment name.


Majority of school-based staff are normally paid on the M2 pay cycle i.e. paid middle of the month.

Salaried Staff paid on the M1 pay cycle i.e. paid the end of the month.

Substantive Postholder

The person they are backfilling for.

Full Name and Location of School/Service

School / Service name followed by the area you are located.


All Catering, Direct Services Building Supervisors/Cleaners, Grounds Maintenance and Transport (inc. School Crossing Patrol) are considered Corporate and would fall under Operations & Estates Directorate.


Staff within this category are required to work all year-round excluding periods of annual leave, statutory holidays and unpaid leave.

Term Time

Staff within this category are required to work pupil contact days only (September – June).


Staff within this category are required to work on pupil contact days only and will be in receipt of annual leave/half pay retainer fee for non-pupil contact days.

Cost Centre Code

Unique School/Location identifier.

Function Code

Position funded from i.e. 82001 SEN in Mainstream.

Employee Data Capture Form

Ballymena, Belfast, Dundonald, and Omagh Offices

 Guidance on completing pdf forms

  1. Download the form to your computer. To do this, open the relevant form from the list at the bottom of the page and save a copy to your computer. You will not be able to submit the form through the website.
  2. Open the form using Adobe PDF Reader. Most devices will have this available as standard. If you do not have this on your device you can download it for free.
  3. Fill out the form. Follow the instructions on the form and fill it out as required. Each form has instructions displayed like the example below:
  4. Submit the form. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form to automatically open an email that will send the complete form to HR. Click Send to confirm.

  5. submit screenshot

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EA One Self Service Handbook

Last updated: 22/04/2024