When will EA One impact me

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When will I use EA One?

EA One will impact all EA Corporate Staff, non-Teaching schools staff paid by the Education Authority, and Teaching staff paid by the DE Teacher Pay Team.

The roll out of the digital timecard will be done on a regional basis, with the EA Payroll for non-teaching staff in Belfast and Omagh moved to the new system first, followed by the EA Payroll for non-teaching staff in Armagh, Ballymena and Dundonald. Once the payroll for all non-teaching staff is live, the DE Teachers Payroll will move to the new system.

For timecard inputters and submitters in schools this will mean temporarily working on two systems, inputting time for non-teaching staff on the new system and inputting time for teaching staff on the old system, until the DE Teachers Payroll is moved across.

Each regional roll out will also be completed in two stages, with all month end paid staff moved to the new system (i.e. the M1 Payroll) in one stage, and mid-month paid staff (i.e. the M2 Payroll) moved in a separate stage. The proposed timeframe for this is set out below, with all implementations of the new HR and Payroll system planned to be completed in the academic year 2021/22:

Proposed timeframe

EA One will also deliver HR Self-Service functionality. The roll out of this functionality will be introduced from April 2022. Note however, access to electronic payslips will continue for those already registered.

Last updated: 13/05/2021