When will EA One impact me

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EA One HR and Payroll is coming!

We have now successfully rolled out EA One in all of Belfast and Omagh, and the Armagh (M1) and Dundonald (M1) payrolls.

The EA One Project plans to roll out the non-teaching payrolls for the Armagh (M2), Dundonald (M2) and Ballymena (M1 and M2) regions in the remainder of 2022 into 2023, followed by teaching staff payrolls in 2023.

The proposed dates for these regions are included in the table below: 


Timecards Go-Live

First Payment

Dundonald & Armagh non-teaching, month end paid staff

Mid-May 2022

End May 2022

Armagh non-teaching mid-month paid staff

Mid-August 2022

Mid-September 2022

Ballymena non-teaching month-end paid staff

Mid October 2022

End October 2022

Dundonald non-teaching mid-month paid staff

Mid November 2022

Mid December 2022

Ballymena non-teaching mid-month paid staff

Mid-February 2023

Mid-March 2023

Teaching month-end paid staff

Early April 2023

End April 2023

Teaching mid-month paid staff

End May 2023

Mid-June 2023

Please note, if you are a corporate timesheet user, you will start using the new system in line with the earliest go-live date for the staff you record time for. For example, you may be paid from the Ballymena payroll, but if you are responsible for recording time for Armagh region mid-month paid staff, you will communicated to and trained as part of the August 2022 Go-Live.

Please see the above factsheet which provides further details, top tips and contact details in relation to our most recent go-live.

Last updated: 20/07/2022