Health & Wellbeing

EA staff can access health and wellbeing support through the EA HealthWell Hub and Programme.

EA HealthWell Programme

The EA HealthWell Programme is available for all EA staff to avail of. This Programme enables staff to be proactive about their own self-care. The below Programme provides staff with the latest health and wellbeing initiatives, sessions and campaigns taking place over the coming months. We will continue to add to the programme during this time and endeavour to respond to additional demand where possible. We encourage all staff to view the EA HealthWell Programme and book early to avoid disappointment.

The latest phase of the programme is available to view on the EA Health Well Hub. Simply search EA HealthWell Programme.

EA HealthWell Hub

The Hub offers key health and wellbeing information, as well as initiatives around staying fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

The hub can be accessed from your phone or home computer by clicking on the link below.

Contact information for H&WB queries is available below.

Inspire Workplaces - Workplace number is – 0808 800 0002 (available at any time)

Inspire Workplaces provides a confidential and independent counselling support service for all staff that is available at any time.

EA recognises that from time to time staff may require support in resolving personal or other issues which may impact on their working life.

People Services Team

Get in touch with the People Services Team by telephoning 028 9041 8006 for queries relating to the following:

Occupational health (OH) referrals and advice on OH reports

The purpose of an Occupational Health appointment is to establish an employee’s medical fitness for the job in which he/she is employed, or for a job to which they may potentially be employed.

In addition EA may need to seek independent medical guidance in relation to staff support, staff adjustments and/or rehabilitation programmes including circumstances where an employee may have a disability and requires specific support.

The People Services team provides advice and support to line managers in relation to OH referrals and attendance management.

Attendance management advice & guidance

People Services provide advice and support to line managers in relation to the following attendance management policies:

Guidance on flexible working

EA understands that effectively managing work-life balance is essential for staff wellbeing.

In addition to providing generous annual leave and a range of family friendly / flexible working arrangements, EA also has comprehensive policies to support staff who may need to take time off work to undertake public duties or deal with short term caring responsibilities, including family friendly flexible working arrangements

Eyesight Tests (for Display Screen Equipment users)

The People Services Team administer arrangements for workers who regularly use display screen equipment (DSE) as a significant part of their normal work and are entitled to request an eyesight test.
Further information is provided on the application form which should be completed by your line manager / principal and optometrist before it is returned to the People Services Team in your local area.

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave

EA has comprehensive policies covering maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave as well as a range of family friendly / flexible working arrangements such as job-sharing, career break, and flexible working schemes.

Further information is provided under the ‘Leave and Working Arrangements’ link below:

Ill health termination procedures

EA has comprehensive policies covering termination of employment due to ill health – further information is provided under the ‘Leaving Employment / Retirement’ page.

Health & Wellbeing Team

​​​​​Get in touch with the Health & Wellbeing team by telephoning 028 9041 8023 or by emailing for queries relating to the following:

Health & Wellbeing Strategy

EA has the largest workforce in Northern Ireland and recognises that staff are our greatest asset.

Our first Health and Wellbeing Strategy covers the following five key themes, all working towards creating a 'Great Place to Work':

• Healthy Minds

• Healthy Bodies

• Financial Wellbeing

• Giving Back

• Social Health

Last updated: 12/09/2023