Leave & Working Arrangements

Annual leave, special leave, flexible working and family friendly policies.

EA understands that effectively managing work-life balance is essential for staff wellbeing.

In addition to providing generous annual leave and a range of family friendly / flexible working arrangements, EA also has comprehensive policies to support staff who may need to take time off work to undertake public duties or deal with short term caring responsibilities.


Non-Teaching Staff

Annual Leave

Entitlement to annual leave is set out in individual contracts of employment and may be subject to protection under arrangements for the transfer of staff to EA in April 2015 from the five legacy Education and Library Boards (ELB’s) and their Staff Commission.

The general information provided here applies to NJC staff employed from 1 April 2015 and staff employed prior to this date should also refer to their individual contract of employment.

Annual Leave

All employees have a statutory entitlement to minimum paid holidays and contractual annual leave entitlement for EA non-teaching staff plus entitlement to public and extra-statutory holidays, exceeds the minimum legal entitlement of 5.6 weeks.

Employees working less than a 5 day/36 hour week and/or fewer than 52 weeks per annum will have an entitlement to leave that is pro rata to the hours, days and weeks worked.

The leave year extends from 1 April in one year to 31 March the following year and new employees are entitled to leave proportionate to the completed months of service during their first year of entry.  Annual leave entitlement is to be taken at a time that is mutually agreed between members of staff and their Line Manager.

Public Holidays and Extra-Statutory Holidays

There are normally 12 public and extra-statutory holidays in any leave year.  Employees that work less than a 5 day/36 hour week, and/or fewer than 52 weeks per annum, will have an entitlement to leave that is pro rata to the hours, days and weeks that they work.  Where more public and extra-statutory holidays occur on working days than can be covered by pro rata entitlement, the remaining days will need to be covered by annual leave or unpaid leave.

Other Leave

Discretionary Domestic Leave (Management Advisory Bulletin 18) – provides guidelines in relation to discretionary leave for all non-teaching staff except classroom / nursery assistants;

Discretionary domestic leave for Classroom / Nursery Assistants is considered in accordance with arrangements for Teachers (DE Circular 2014/18)

Work Life Balance Policies

Flexible Retirement Procedure (for members of Local Government Pension Scheme)

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