Leaving Employment / Retirement

Information for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.

EA understands that staff may leave employment for a number of reasons including retirement or resignation to take up employment with another employer.

The information provided here is intended to provide links to information in order to help make the transition process for individuals leaving employment as smooth as possible.

Details of pension benefits and options open to employees when they leave employment are available using the following links;


Notice Periods

Teachers are required to give notice of resignation in accordance with their individual contract of employment which provides for employment to be terminated by either party giving the other written notice of at least 3 calendar months of termination on the last day of any month, except for termination at the last day of August or September when at least 4 calendar months is required.


Information in relation to Northern Ireland Teachers’ Pension Scheme (NITPS) including factsheets which cover different types of retirement are available on the DE website:

Termination based on Ill Health or Capability

Non-Teaching Staff

Notice Periods

EA non-teaching staff are required to give notice of resignation from employment in accordance with the requirements set out in their individual contract of employment.

The minimum period of notice employees are required to give to terminate employment is not less than 1 calendar month/4 weeks. Employees on salary NJC Point 36 and above (or equivalent) are required to give 3 calendar months’ notice.

Employees may not be required to work their notice period, and the Education Authority reserves the right to pay salary to employees in lieu of part or all of their contractual notice period. The Education Authority also reserves the right to terminate employment, without notice or pay in lieu of notice, on the grounds of summary dismissal for gross misconduct.


Information in relation to the Local Government Pension Scheme for Northern Ireland (LGPS (NI)) including membership benefits, calculation of benefits, types of retirement and frequently asked questions is available from the members section of the NILGOSC: https://www.nilgosc.org.uk/members

Retirement Options for NILGOSC members: https://www.nilgosc.org.uk/retirement-options

EA employees are entitled to request flexible retirement after they have reached the age of 55 under the Flexible Retirement Procedure:

Termination on Ill health or Capability

EA has comprehensive policies covering termination of employment due to ill health or capacity

NILGOSC Pension Online allows members to register for a free online service to view and update personal information and to access their pension records:

Annual Leave

Annual leave entitlement will be recalculated on a pro-rata basis for the period of service completed during the leave year and any outstanding annual leave should be taken before leaving employment in agreement with your line manager.

If it is not possible to take remaining leave entitlement before leaving employment you will be paid for any outstanding amount. If you have taken more leave than you are entitled to, a deduction will be made from your final salary payment.

EA Property & Equipment

Before leaving employment employees must make appropriate arrangements with their line for the handover of work and the return of all EA property such as security pass, keys, mobile telephones, laptops etc.

Contact details

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Last updated: 10/10/2022