EA Transformation Programme Update (June 2019)

In 2018/19 key activities have included:

  • Programme development - confirmation of the 1st phase of the EA’s transformation programme is in place.
  • Communication and engagement:
  1. Seconded school leaders regularly attend school leader fora to communicate and engage with school leaders; a series of school leader user groups have been established to support initiatives such as the development of ETS, the pilot coaching scheme, review of minor works (see attached document for further details).
  2. A ‘Transformation Hub’ is currently in development and will be launched before the summer on the EA website.     
  • Risk – a programme risk register is in place alongside regular input to the corporate risk reporting process
  • Finance and resource – additional DE Transformation funds were secured in February 19, a reporting framework for DE-funded transformation projects was established and a financial planning exercise for 19/20 has been completed and bids for additional funding developed.
  • Project development - In addition to work developing the programme, the team has been instrumental in supporting a cross directorate approach, and providing school leaders’ input, on a number of projects.  These include a pilot coaching programme for principals funded by DE, a pilot staff volunteering scheme (‘Reaching Out’) and our digital transformation programme.

The table below provides further information on a number of key transformation projects that are predominantly school facing, including details of school engagement so far. There is also information regarding further engagement opportunities in projects as they near the implementation stage.

EA Transformation Programme: School Facing Project Information

The following table provides details of transformation projects led by the EA that are regarded as directly school facing.  These projects sit alongside a range of other transformation work taking place internally to form our overall Transformation Programme.

Project Title

What is it?

Engagement with schools so far

Current Status

Online Admissions

Phase 1*

Pre-school and Primary applications completed online. Allocation of places assisted by online School Portal.

Principal/Leader workshops

Portal testing- Principals and Secretaries

School drop-in training sessions


Online Admissions

Phase 2

Pre-school, Primary and Post-Primary applications completed online. Allocation of places assisted by online School Portal. Lessons from Phase 1 to inform next steps.

Principal Focus group: Primary and Post-Primary representatives.

School Secretary/Admin staff Focus Group

Planning stage

Review of Procurement of Minor Works and Maintenance*


Establishment of a’ fit for purpose’ model for the procurement and delivery of EA’s Maintenance and Minor Works Services which supports the delivery of quality services to schools in the most innovative, cost effective and compliant manner.

Principal engagement sessions x 6

Standing Principal Reference Group comprised of 18 Principals, meeting every 3 months.


Digital Strategy Project: Education Technology Services (ETS) *


Development of a new school IT system to replace the current C2k platform from 2021.

School consultation visits. Focus groups. Online surveys. Engagement with Nursery Schools and Units. Strategic Advisory and Technical Group (STAG) comprised of school representatives.


EA One (Online Recruitment)

An online recruitment solution for schools, aimed at reducing the bureaucratic burden and shortening the timescale for recruiting teaching and non-teaching staff.

Focus group including Principal representatives.


EA One (HR and Payroll) New integrated HR and Payroll solution replacing the current multiple versions of Resourcelink.

User groups including school representatives: iFS School User Group, EA One HR and Payroll User Group

Pre- delivery

Data Profiling self-evaluation tool*


A tool which brings all a school’s data into one interface. The data then links to self-evaluation prompts and is designed to assist school leaders in school development plans and self-evaluation

Groups of practitioners have been engaged in co-designing the tool.


Coaching for School Principals

A pilot programme designed to provide one to one coaching for school leaders

197 school leaders expressed interest in being involved in the pilot, exceeding the initial planned 60 for the pilot. All those who expressed interest prior to the closing date will avail of this opportunity in one of three cohorts.


Area Planning

(Wave 1) *


An accelerated programme of area planning in mainstream and special education aimed at increasing educational sustainability and collaborative working with CCMS.

The team has engaged with stakeholders across the schools.


‘Reaching Out’ Project

A scheme is being piloted to link EA centre based staff with schools and other settings to aid professional development, communication and improved services to schools.

A limited pilot has been implemented (Term 3 2019).


Implementation of Framework of Provision for Children in the Early years with SEN

A project to implement a new framework of provision for children in the early years with SEN.  The framework is the outcome of the Strategic review of Nursery Provision for Children in the Early Years with SEN.

This project is the outcome of extensive research and consultation with settings.


Implementation of a Service Development Plan following review of the Education Welfare Service.

A project to implement the recommendations of this fundamental review to enhance and continuously improve services provided by the Education Welfare Service (EWS).

Schools and other stakeholders involved in the review.  There will be the need for additional engagement planned with schools in 2019/2020.


*Denotes projects in receipt of funding from DE Transformation Programme in 2018/19.

Future Engagement Opportunities

The EA will seek school engagement in the following projects as they near implementation stage.

Project Title

What is it?

Centre for School Leadership

A virtual online portal to support school leadership and leadership development.

Contact Model

Improving points of contact between schools and other stakeholders and the EA. Includes an improved telephone call routing system and updated information on sources of support and points of contact.

New school Improvement model

A revised model to support school improvement.

Health and wellbeing strategy

A wellbeing framework is being developed which helps to inform a whole school strategy approach to supporting wellbeing for the whole school community.

Strategic Review of Pupil Support Services Project *

To review and enhance the continuum of support provision for pupils with SEN across the region with a particular focus on cooperation and early intervention.

SEN Data Project

Improving the data-driven decision making process to improve outcomes for Children and Young People with SEN.

Language and Communication Specialist Provision

A review designed to facilitate early intervention for pupils with language and communication needs across the region without the need for a statementing process to be completed.

Establishment of a Service Development Plan for EOTAS.

A project to develop a framework to enhance and continuously improve Post Primary Education Other Than At School Provision (EOTAS) in partnership with the Youth Service.

Review of Music Service

There is a need to regionalise the service, bring about a common offer of service and ensure a consistency of quality as well as value for money for this service. 

Community Use of Schools Strategy

The EA are seeking ways it can facilitate community capacity building to support learning, schools and the wider population. 

Review of School Library Service

There is a need to review our School Library Service to agree how it best addresses enjoyment, learning and aid school improvement.

Last upated: 25/06/2019