EdIS Quarterly Newsletter February 2023

Welcome to the latest update from the Education Information Solutions (EdIS) Programme. We made significant strides in 2022, delivering on a number of key projects as we continue to develop a dynamic educational environment through the design of digital services. This work will ultimately improve learning experiences and outcomes as well as reducing educational inequality for children and young people. We are grateful for the continued support of schools, parents and the wider educational community.

Teacher Devices

Over 21,000 Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus devices now distributed

Schools in all sectors have now been provided with high specification education hardware and software for teachers to best support the learning experience for children and young people. To maximise the potential of the devices and ensure best practice for teaching and learning, an extensive Teacher Professional Learning programme has been developed by EA, with webinars scheduled in the coming weeks. Please see your C2k Noticeboard for details.

Network Connectivity & Wireless

99% of upgraded network connectivity implemented in schools with completion scheduled by March 2023

Most schools will already have benefitted from increased bandwidth and improved performance. An extension to this project, commencing in 2023, will provide high speed internet access for statutory nurseries prior to the implementation of the new services in 2024. In the interim and to support the rollout of Surface Pro 7 Plus devices, EA are engaging with BT to investigate if any immediate improvements can be made to the standard broadband provision currently provided to Statutory Nursery Schools. Where this is possible, EA will confirm with the individual Nursery Schools before March 2023.

The EdIS Wireless Project is the largest single Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi deployment ever delivered in Europe. It will give internet access throughout teaching areas and large communal areas in the school via a wide range of devices. Piloting of the wireless solution has been completed and we are now in the process of delivering a phased roll out.

“This is the best thing delivered to schools in a very long time”.


Digital Learning Environment (DLE) & School Management System (SMS)

A strategic partner is in the process of being appointed to deliver the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) and School Management System (SMS).

The DLE will provide access for schools to a wide range of integrated services such as learning applications and resources, online learning platforms, collaboration and communication tools, data analytics and the SMS.

The ‘tell us once’ approach of the new modern solution will help to support effective collaboration and communication between pupils, parents, schools and EA, minimising duplication and reducing the administrative burden for schools.

The move to a cloud-first SMS system will improve access for users from various device types and locations and will support multi-school working through the sharing of relevant data for students and teachers.

Transition to the New Service

Working closely with EdIS and the current C2k team, the new strategic partner will take on the delivery, support and maintenance of the current services by March 2024.

A phased rollout of the new enhanced services will follow.

To achieve a successful delivery and smooth transition to new EdIS services, it is essential that current school data is accurate, up to date and GDPR compliant. A data cleansing exercise has now commenced to support the transition. All Schools will be requested to complete this exercise. Further instructions will be communicated, and support will be provided by the C2k team.

EA Connect

EA Connect is the new unified customer portal from EdIS which will become home to a number of key services delivered by EA to support schools and families. The first two services to be successfully hosted on EA Connect are SEN Annual Reviews and Pre-school/ Primary Admissions, with Post Primary Admissions launching on 1st February. 14+ school applications and Further Education transport applications will be released on the portal later in 2023.

"This new process is excellent; quicker, more streamline and efficient" - SEN Annual Review User.

Online payments

Work is ongoing to procure a single online payment solution to meet the current and future needs of school leaders, teachers, pupils and families. We expect to announce the appointment of a supplier in March 2023, with details on a planned phased rollout to schools to follow.


We are pleased to report that we now have 8,518 live Supply Teachers within the NISTR solution, and over 118,604 bookings have been made in the system since the NISTR launch.

The project team continue to work with our system developers to enhance functionality and make improvements to user experience. Our latest NISTR Newsletters are now available on the NISTR homepage

Have your say

Input from schools is essential to support and shape the new and enhanced EdIS services. If you are interested in joining current or future focus groups or in sharing your feedback and suggestions please register here.

For full information on EdIS, visit our newly updated webpageHere you'll find our story so far, full project updates and latest news.


Last updated: 02/02/2023