Further Education College Transport Application

Eligibility for transport assistance is set out in the Department of Education Circular 1996/41, (updated September 2009).

The Circular states:

“Where there is a college within statutory qualifying distance (3 miles) from a student's permanent home address and a student attends a more distant college, transport assistance will be provided only where the student has been unable to gain a place in any college within the statutory qualifying distance”

Where there is no college within statutory qualifying distance from a student\s home, transport assistance will be granted provided there is EA or Public transport already available to or in the vicinity of the college attended. In cases where there is no transport available, transport assistance may be provided to the nearest college which offers the course.

Check your eligibility

Check your eligibility

Based on your answers you could be eligible for transport to your Further Education College of choice.
Based on your answers it looks like you may not be eligible. If you think this is a mistake please refer to our Transport section.
Course Information

Course information

Pupils applying to the Southern Regional Campuses should apply directly through their FE College.
Student Details

Student details

Please ensure you enter the correct date of birth. If your child is under the age limit for further education, you will be unable to submit your application.
Student's Address
Additional information

Additional Information

The Authority must determine the most appropriate means of transport assistance that can be offered having regard for economy and efficiency
Please note you may be required to provide documentary evidence of your medical condition.
Please state your preferred Translink stop or service (Ulsterbus/Metro/NI Railways)


  1. I certify that the information given above is true and correct
  2. I will inform the Authority of any change in circumstances at any time which might affect this transport assistance and if any financial assistance provided to me, for whatever reason is an amount which is more than I am entitled to, I will pay back any amount in excess of my entitlement.
  3. The submission of this form is deemed to be permission by you to process this data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which is needed for the organisation of transport assistance.
  4. The Education Authority employs third party agencies to provide transport assistance who are also required to process this data as instructed.