Information for Children and Young People

Information for children & young people regarding Education Restart

Emotional and Physical Health

Coping with Change

This programme has been designed to help young people reflect on their time while in lockdown, identify the strategies they used to help them cope and recognise the connections they made with family and others. It also considers strategies to maintain positive mental health and physical wellbeing and to use these to build their capacity, going forward, for other periods of change in their lives that they will encounter. It facilitates their understanding of the support networks that are available to them, that they can be a support for others and helps them develop resilience for dealing with times of change.

Independent Counselling Service for Schools

A Young Persons Guide to Stress & Resilience

Young Minds: Coping with Pressure at School

Young Minds: Anger Issues Your guide to dealing with anger

Mind your head: A student Guide to Good Mental Health (Post 16)

Young Minds:Mental Illness in your family

Cruse Bereavement Care: After Someone Dies- A leaflet about death, bereavement and grief for young people

Positive Behaviour

Reconnect and Rise Programme – Post Primary

High Five Newsletter

The HIGH FIVE newsletter is packed full of great ideas for pupils to help them focus on all areas of their wellbeing. All of the activities are based on the Take 5 Steps to WellBeing model developed by the Public Health Agency. The 5 steps to WellBeing are Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give.

The link below will take you to previous issues of the newsletter, including the Summer Edition. The first edition of High Five for the new term will be out on 11 September and then a new issue every two weeks following this date.

Special Education Needs

Early Years

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Attendance Animation

Building Resilience

Coping with Coronavirus

Grief and loss

Domestic Abuse

Digital Safety

Frequently Asked Questions about EDUCATION RESTART

More information for Children and Young People about Education Restart is available by clicking the link below

Last updated: 14/01/2021