Ways of Seeing & Inclusive Practices

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Ways of Seeing I

Ways of Seeing 1This resource is designed to assist with the integration of newcomer students and ensure inclusive practice in schools, museums and other educational institutions. It outlines four cross-curricular projects that promote intercultural awareness, language learning, the use of home languages and bilingualism. The projects are presented in lesson plan format with aims, objectives, suggested resources, links and key language grids. Each project is linked to benchmarks from the Common European Framework of Reference and to the Framework for Intercultural Competencies. There is also a document outlining ideas for using the projects across different curriculum areas in the post-primary school.

Ways of Seeing II

Ways of Seeing 2This resource pack encourages inclusivity in the classroom and will provide teachers and pupils with resources and frameworks that explore diverse faiths and cultures: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient Egyptian culture. It encourages teachers and pupils to engage with local collections in museums. Each theme contains a mind map that links to specific topics in the curriculum, a general introduction to the related faith in each chapter, vocabulary relating to the theme, suggested activities and resources. There is also a folder with support materials such as power-point presentations and templates for activities.

Inclusive Practices for children and young people from Muslim communities

This guidance will support schools to develop policies that promote inclusion and a sense of belonging for children and young people from a Muslim background. It should be particularly helpful when schools want to take into account the needs of pupils during periods of religious observance such as Ramadan.

Last updated: 13/04/2021