EA Congratulates Professional Qualification in Headship Graduates

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Teachers from across Northern Ireland gathered together for a graduation ceremony to receive the Professional Qualification in Headship award which equips aspiring school leaders with strategic leadership and management skills.

photo of participants

Speaking during the ceremony, Education Authority (EA) Chairperson Sharon O’Connor paid tribute to graduates saying:

“Successfully completing the Professional Qualification for Headship is a significant step in your school leadership journey.
One of the most valuable investments we can make, is in learning. Completing this qualification alongside the huge amount of other priorities which exist in your lives, is testament to the value you have for the children and young people you teach.”

Acting Director of Education, Kim Scott, highlighted that while the education system is challenging, it is also an exciting place, where change can happen.   

“There are so many opportunities to help contribute to the education system now, and for future children and young people. Improving the education system is something we all can play a part in, and together with school staff, governors and parents, we continue to work together, for better outcomes for all.”

Last updated: 12/02/2020