Education Authority commits to continuing collaborative approach in delivering EdIS Programme

21st November 2023

The Education Authority’s Education Information Solutions (EdIS) Programme Director Frances Meehan has pledged to continue working closely with schools and other education stakeholders as a successful series of ‘Walk the Walls’ engagement events draws to a close.

walk the walls

Over a number of months, some 15 of these events have attracted more than 500 attendees, with a final Walk the Walls session scheduled for November 29.

EdIS Programme Director Frances Meehan said:

“Walk the Walls has been an opportunity for school leaders and other education stakeholders to come together to review the entire EdIS programme, to look at the vision of the future and provide valuable input into the work that we are doing. 

“Those attending have been invited to step through a day in the life of the school and how that will look in the future, to see how innovative this programme of work is and how it can be scaled up and readily adapted to embrace further technological advances in the time ahead.”

Frances also stressed the importance of the ‘4 Cs’ which underpin the EdIS programme’s philosophy – communication, collaboration, co-design and continuous improvement.

“The key goal of Walk the Walls has been to communicate with our school leaders, to demonstrate the vision we have for the EdIS programme and actively encourage collaboration.

“We want to collaborate with our schools and get them involved in the co-design of the various products and projects that will flow from the EdIS programme not just now but into the future.

“There are numerous workstreams and workgroups within the over-arching EdIS programme.  We are now moving forward with the strategic partner and school management system projects, and it will be critically important that we not only communicate but collaborate and co-design alongside our schools.

“It is vital that we do that in a way which can meet evolving needs.  That is why continuous improvement is so important and is built into the contract.  Crucially, input is needed from our schools on an ongoing basis, building upon the valuable engagement facilitated by Walk the Walls.”

Speaking at the penultimate Walk the Walls event, Interim Director of Finance Simon Christie emphasised the Education Authority’s commitment to the EdIS programme and the importance of a collaborative approach.

EA Interim Director of Finance Simon Christie said:

“EA is very proud to be delivering transformation through EdIS.  We are working very hard and collaboratively to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions for schools with the ultimate aim of enhancing the educational experience of all our children and young people within Northern Ireland.

“We are fully committed to delivering the EdIS programme over the next number of years.  EA wants to work in partnership with all key stakeholders to develop and implement solutions which achieve value for money and provide tangible benefits for stakeholders, especially children and young people.”

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Last updated: 22/11/2023