Education Authority delivers new devices for teachers in partnership with Microsoft Ireland and Capita Education

20 January 2022

The Education Authority (EA), through funding provided by the Department of Education, have announced the provisional delivery of 20,000 new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus devices to more than 1,100 schools across Northern Ireland.


Pictured left to right are Dr. F Moore, St. Patrick’s High School Principal; Patrick Nugent, Senior Head Boy; Damian Harvey, Interim Head of C2k; Sara Long, EA Chief Executive; Niamh Carvill, Senior Head Girl; Costi Karayannis, Capita Managing Director; and Anne Sheehan, General Manager of Microsoft Ireland.


Today’s announcement represents a significant investment of nearly £20m and will provide essential education hardware and software to best support the learning experience for children and young people.

Speaking at the launch event, Sara Long, Chief Executive of the Education Authority (EA) said:

“Today is an exciting moment for EA as we commence the rollout of new teaching devices for all of our statutory schools. We want to provide the best possible services and support to help our children and young people be the best that they can be and to achieve this, we must make sure that schools have access to state-of-the-art technology and innovative, high quality teaching solutions.”

“The new light weight devices will enhance the in-class learning activities and engagement for pupils whilst also supporting the work of teachers in terms of productivity, peer-to-peer collaboration and access to high quality online teaching and learning tools.”

The launch of new devices forms part of a wider change programme EdIS (Education Information Solutions). EdIS was named by a group of young people from St Patricks High School Keady, inspired by Thomas Edison.  The EdIS programme will transform children and young people’s learning experience and improve how schools, parents, young people, stakeholders and customers access a range of important services.

Sara Long, continued:

 “I wish to thank Microsoft Ireland and Capita Education for working in partnership with us to ensure the successful delivery of devices to statutory Nurseries, Primary, EOTAS centres, Special and Post Primary Schools by year’s end. We look forward to continuing our work with Schools, children, and all of our project partners as we strive to support our teachers and give our young people the best start in life.”

Costi Karayannis, Capita’s Managing Director and Client Partner for Education and Learning, said:

“We are delighted to have won this new contract to provide over 20,000 new state of the art laptops to Northern Ireland’s teachers. These new devices will enhance the classroom learning experience for students and enable teachers to continue their professional development.” 

Anne Sheehan, General Manager of Microsoft Ireland said:

“Today’s announcement marks the first significant milestone in the Education Authority’s strategy to transform the lives of teachers and students over the next decade by implementing a versatile and innovative cloud first education service.

“We are very proud to have partnered with Capita to deliver this digital transformation project, which will fundamentally change and enhance the way digital learning is delivered across 20,000 schools in Northern Ireland.”

“Through our bespoke end-to-end education solutions, and the versatility, connectivity and security offered by the Surface Pro 7 device, we hope to empower educators to test and trial new ways of teaching and interacting with students, while shaping resilient and future-ready students who will have the digital skills to become the next generation of innovators and digital leaders.”

An update on the EdIS programme will be available before the end of February. For all the latest updates on EdIS and any other educational news stay connected with the Education Authority website or follow the Education Authority social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Last updated: 21/01/2022