New NISTR Solution Now Live for Supply Teachers!

We are delighted to announce that NISTR is now available for the use of supply teachers.  

Supply teachers are now required to log-in and update their accounts in readiness for School Go Live on Monday, 29th August.  

Full instructions to help teachers to get started are included below; please read all the information provided carefully.  

  • This link is active from 10am on Thursday, 25th August 
  • Please select your user type to enter.

First Time Log-in

Log-in using the email address you previously used for NISTR. To keep your account secure, you will be prompted to reset your password before you can log-in for the first time. Click on the ‘reset your password’ link and check your email account (including junk folders) for instructions on creating a new password.

Note: Please see FAQs - Supply Teachers | Education Authority Northern Ireland ( if you no longer have access to the email address you registered with.

Profile Updates

Once you have updated your password successfully and logged-in, you will be presented with a welcome page. Depending on your NISTR status prior to Go Live, you will be required to complete a specific set of steps after you log-in to NISTR.

All Supply Teachers who had used the previous NISTR system will have a status of either LIVE, PENDING CHECKS or NOT SUBMITTED when they log-in to the new NISTR system for the first time.

Once you have reset your password and logged in, you will be able directed to a Welcome page. This Welcome page will indicate whether you are  LIVE or PENDING in the system.  Your status will also be displayed on your dashboard.

Please see instructions below on what you need to do for each status.

  • LIVE: Supply Teachers with a status of LIVE should only review Registration steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 when they log in to the new system. All other Registration steps (even if they’re marked as Amber) do not need to be reviewed.
  • PENDING CHECKS and NOT SUBMITTED: Supply Teachers with a status of PENDING or NOT SUBMITTED may have outstanding elements of compliance to complete before they can be considered LIVE and able to commence work as a Supply Teacher. A Pending Supply Teacher will be required to review and complete steps 1-12 of the Registration process when they log into NISTR for the first time. Any outstanding information required to be completed in their profiles will show amber indicators.

Please refer to the Day 1 logging into NISTR account Pending status Quick Reference Guide for the steps you are required to complete for a Supply Teacher marked as Pending/ not submitted.

Please refer to the  Day 1 logging into NISTR account Live status Quick Reference Guide the steps you are required to complete for a Supply Teacher marked as Live.

Getting Ready for Bookings

Please take the following steps by 29th August to allow your profile to appear in schools’ search results:  

  1. Update your availability - Your availability is automatically set to ‘unavailable’, therefore it is vital that you update your availability on your calendar.  

  1. Update ‘My Schools’ List – Please check your ‘My Schools’ list to set your travel radius and edit the schools you would like to work with.  

  1. Review your migrated bookings – Please navigate to your bookings dashboard and confirm any bookings for the new academic year have migrated successfully.  If you experience any issues with the migration of existing bookings, please review our  FAQs - Supply Teachers 

Full instructions on how to update your availability and schools list can be accessed in our Managing Availability and School Selection Quick Reference Guide.

Updating your availability and school preferences will help to refine the supply opportunities that are offered to you. New bookings will commence when schools are provided access to the new NISTR on 29th  August. Please ensure all profile updates are completed before this time.   

Further Support  

Feedback from our team of User Acceptance Testers has shown that the new NISTR solution is intuitive and user friendly, requiring minimal guidance. We have also analysed the questions put forward in our training sessions and developed a full range of FAQs and Quick Reference Guides to support the transition to the new solution, which are available on our website : Supply Teachers .  Here you can also watch a recorded training session. If you can’t find the support you require using this information, please fill out the NISTR Contact form.

To focus our attention on more specific support requests, we have moved our staffing expertise from hosting the planned drop-in clinic to providing answers to contact form submissions and phone enquiries.  

Our NISTR support staff will be available throughout the weekend of 27-28th August to provide guidance for supply teachers preparing for the commencement of bookings on 29th August. 

New Solution Functionality

As part of EA’s EdIS Programme the NISTR team have worked in collaboration with local developers, Version 1 to bring NISTR users a fully bespoke solution that has been designed to seamlessly connect supply teachers and schools, to enable targeted, quality education and maximise employment opportunities. We listened to representatives from a wider pool of stakeholders throughout the development to ensure the needs of users were accurately met. 

To allow us to make the transition to the new solution during a period of school closure when reliance on NISTR is low, development schedules have been tight. To bring the NISTR solution to users in time for the start of the academic year, we have selected vital functionality that enables the booking of a supply teacher. Going forward, the NISTR Project Team will continue to work in collaboration with the solution developers and key stakeholders, to bring Supply Teachers and School Users even more exciting features over the academic year including enhancements in the booking process and end user experience. We are keen to hear feedback throughout the next stages of development and will be actively seeking Supply Teachers and School Users thoughts on what is working well and what could be improved. Please share your feedback with via the NISTR Contact form.


Last updated: 26/08/2022