New Sign Language Videos and Relay UK Service

We are committed to ensuring all members of the community are able to access important information and contact us during these challenging times. EA’s Disability Champion, Board Member Oliver McMullan has been working with officers to put in place appropriate measures members of the deaf community can access information

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This has included the development of new sign language videos and the introduction of the Relay UK service.

Speaking about the measures that have been put in place, Mr McMullan said,

“The EA have arranged for temporary measures to be put in place to enable our deaf community to get in touch during the COVID-19 pandemic. If a deaf member of the community requires information or needs to contact an EA officer, they can text our Relay UK App on (18001) 07918695322Once a request for a conversation with an EA staff member comes in, it can be organised through a video call with a qualified interpreter remotely. 

We also have a range of videos online explaining this process and relaying other information such as using C2K, Google classrooms, school closures, school meals, home schooling and COVID-19 information. These videos are in British and Irish sign language.

As an organisation, we are committed to making sure all our services are accessible to the entire community”.

A representative from the British Deaf Association said,

“At the onset of Covid-19, BDA (NI) was contacted by local Deaf parents with school children who were concerned about the lack of accessible information available. One of BDA (NI)’s Advocacy Officers contacted the Education Authority (EA) and explained that printed information is not suitable for all parents, as written English is a Deaf person’s second language after British/Irish Sign Language (BSL/ISL). The EA were very understanding and were keen to work with BDA to discover ways to ensure all parents had full access. 

BDA (NI) and members of the Deaf community are very grateful to the EA for the efforts they have made to ensure vital information is easily available during this time.”

To view the videos click here:

To contact an EA officer, the mobile number with the Relay UK App is (18001) 07918 695322.

Last updated: 02/06/2020