NISTR Functionality Update May 2023

25 May 2023 

The NISTR project team is pleased to announce the last functionality development of NISTR was successfully released on 23 May 2023 to bring supply teachers and schools the final product. 

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Improvements include modifications to Short Notice Supply (SNS) process, making the review of applicants more efficient, a streamlined booking process for users with part-time permanent contracts and general system upgrades to enhance the user experience.  

The latest functionality delivered has been prioritised and developed in accordance with feedback provided by NISTR users to date. The team would like to thank users for their co-operation and contribution to the development process so far. 

We have outlined how the changes will affect NISTR users below. 

Supply Teachers

Short Notice Supply Updates

Expressions of Interest 

Supply teachers are encouraged to apply immediately for any vacancies of interest on the Short Notice Supply. Teachers can express an interest to more than one post. Once a short notice supply position is filled, all other expressions of interest from the successful candidate will automatically be deleted from NISTR and will not be visible to other schools.

User relevant Short Notice Supply posts

Latest upgrades allow NISTR to automatically filter short notice supply posts based on attributes in the supply teacher’s profile. Short notice supply posts now match the criteria a teacher sets in their user profile: 

  • within the distance selected in a teacher’s ‘MySchools’ list. 
  • from schools in a teacher’s ‘MySchools’ list. 
  • from match preferences in the teacher’s Educational Settings, with the exception of Irish Medium Educational Settings Preferences. For example, if a supply teacher has indicated that they do not want to work in SEN settings, then they will not receive advertisements from schools with SEN roles. 
  • the required Core Subject(s) matches a subject in a teacher’s Core Subject list.

Short Notice Supply posts can be arranged by user preference

Using various criteria, users can now order short notice supply posts to access those of the most interest to them. SNS posts can be ordered by date posted, best match based on availability, core subject, second subject and shortest distance, and if the user has previously worked at the school. 

Access to hyperlinks in booking details

Users have access to hyperlinks that the school provides as part of a booking. The hyperlinks can be accessed directly from the booking details which will open in a new tab or window. It is important to note, selecting the hyperlink will not end the NISTR session.  

Ability to record part-time permanent contracts on NISTR

Teachers on part-time permanent contracts can indicate their working availability on non-contracted days. Teachers can record contracted days within NISTR by selecting the toggles on the daily planner. This will automatically prevent selection for bookings which include their contracted teaching days. 

Export archived bookings

Teachers can run a report on all historical archived bookings and export this report for their own records.  

Updated school search

Supply teachers can filter their search for schools and EA services from the bookings view. The latest update filters the dropdown list to feature schools in which the user has at least one booking with.  

View the Quick Reference Guides for help and support on key NISTR processes – Supply Teachers.

Schools and EA Service users

Adding hyperlinks into bookings

Schools can add hyperlinks when creating a booking which direct users to further resources for example the school website or a file server containing policy documentation. Users can access relevant information about the school by clicking on the hyperlink within the booking details. 

Record of previous teachers booked in school

Users can view and export a list of Supply Teachers that had a booking (or bookings) within the school or EA service. The list will include the teachers TR Number, forename, surname, and the number of previous bookings worked. A new ‘star’ functionality is developed for schools to bookmark the teacher.  

Mobile friendly enhancements

Additional enhancements have been made to ensure NISTR is mobile responsive for users to access, view and interact with their preferred devices. The menu icon and action buttons have been streamlined to improve user experience.

View the Quick Reference Guides for help and support on key NISTR processes – School and EA Service Users

Quick Reference Guides - School Users

Security Developments

  • To ensure security and confidentiality is protected, NISTR automatically times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. It is recommended that users sign out of NISTR at the end of sessions. 
  • NISTR uses cookies to store information from users, to improve user experience. Users can select to delete and block cookies preferences being stored, but this will mean parts of NISTR will not work as intended. To find out more about the cookies NISTR uses and how to delete them, please view the privacy notice on NISTR. 

As the NSITR development is completed, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the collaboration and feedback to inform the NISTR solution. Please be assured that further feedback and suggestions can be submitted to the NISTR team through the Contact Form. 

NISTR users can continue to access support through the NISTR helpdesk on 028 9056 6256, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. 


Further training will be offered to users from 19 June 2023 and details will be sent next week. All Quick Reference Guides, FAQs and training videos have been updated regularly to reflect system improvements made to date. 

Last updated: 26/05/2023