EA Celebrates Completion of Outdoor Play Space and Eco Garden Projects

Tuesday, 9th April 2019

The Education Authority (EA) has celebrated the completion of an outdoor play space and eco garden project at St Teresa’s Primary School.

Pupils at playground of St Teresa's PS

The project delivered by EA has transformed the outdoor play area at the the school improving school facilities and enhancing the learning experience for children and young people.                                                   

The Department for Communities (DfC) allocated £247,600.00 of funding in total to the outdoor play project at the  school which previously had no outdoor play space facilities for children.

Welcoming the completion of the new outdoor play space and eco garden projects, EA Assistant Director Jonathan Glendinning, commented;  

“Play for children is an integral part of a child’s learning and development.

“The new outdoor play space and eco garden facilities at the school will provide a source of fun and enjoyment for young people and will also enhance the school environment. EA wishes to acknowledge the funding for these projects from the Department for Communities through its PREI Programme and congratulates all parties involved in the successful delivery of these exceptional facilities.

“It is a positive development that children at these schools now have access to play in safe environment and have the opportunity to experience learning together in innovative ways.

“As well as promoting physical health and well-being for children, the new play facilities will also help in achieving the vision to inspire support and to challenge children and young people to be the best they can be.”

Roisin Smylie, from the Department for Communities, said;

“This new play park and facilities will not only provide sources of fun and enjoyment for young people at the school but will also enhance the local environment.  I am pleased that the Department has been able to fund this very worthwhile project.

“Play is an integral part of building social skills from a young age.  It is where lessons of fairness, comradeship and team building are learnt. It is also important for promoting active and healthy lifestyles in children.

“This newly built play park along with other DfC funded schemes in the area are good news for the whole  community.”

DfC has been implementing a number of these schemes in partnership with EA to improve facilities for younger children. They are designed to provide play areas for children in places where there were few other outdoor facilities.

Last modified: 09/04/2019