Other ages

If you live in the 'Dickson Plan' area, are hoping to apply to Strandtown Primary School or are just looking to transfer schools then we have the information you need.

Admission to Senior High Schools (Age 14+)

In the Two-Tier System (sometimes known as the Dickson Plan) the majority of pupils attending Controlled Junior High Schools transfer at the end of Key Stage 3 / Year 10 to Controlled Senior High Schools or other post primary schools to complete their compulsory education in Key Stage 4.

Transferring schools

If your child is in Years 2-7 of a primary school or Years 9-12 and you wish to move him / her to another primary school or another post primary school you will need to make a formal application using the AP1 form.

Strandtown Primary School

Strandtown Primary School, Belfast caters for children in the Primary 4-7 age range.  The school is part of an infant and junior school collaborative with Dundela Primary School, Belmont Primary School and Greenwood Primary School.

If you wish to apply for a place in Strandtown Primary School you should read the admissions criteria here for the school and contact the school directly if you require an application form or further information.  

Last upated: 21/12/2018