Parental Engagement

Information for schools on how they can enhance parental engagement

Parents can play an active and positive role in their child’s education, and being involved in a child’s education can help improve their chances of success in school.

The Education Authority is part of the Northern Ireland Innovation Forum, who have produced a resource for teachers to help encourage and advance parental engagement in schools through digital applications.

range of digital applications are available to schools, which can be used to communicate and engage with parents on different topics, for example, email, social media, websites and messaging apps, eNewsletters.

A variety of applications can be used, depending on the nature of communication, and whether it’s direct communication with one parent about a specific issue, or a group of parents about something that affects many pupils.

For more information on parental engagement in action, please read the information leaflet and case studies listed below.

Last updated: 04/05/2023