A Resource to Support Children with Special Educational Needs

As Part of the Department of Education’s Review of Special Educational Needs and Inclusion, Capacity Building Programme, the Resource File was published in 2012 to assist teachers and the education workforce to support children with special educational needs in schools.

The Resource File was written by educators with expertise in special educational needs, including Principals, Education Authority Officers, Academics and Teachers.  

The strength of the Resource File is that each chapter is packed with strategies that are known to work with the specific special educational need being addressed and schools and teachers should use the strategies as part of the Individual Education Plan process for pupils with special educational needs.

On publication, 3 copies of the Resource File were delivered to every school in Northern Ireland, 1 for the Principal, 1 for the Special Educational Needs Coordinator and 1 for the Staffroom.  In addition, all the chapters are available to all teachers through C2K.

Last updated: 16/10/2019