Provisional Criteria for Statutory Assessments and Statements

The Education Authority adheres to legislation and has due regard to the Code of Practice and the Supplement to the Code in making decisions as to whether or not to proceed with a Statutory Assessment of a child’s special educational needs and then, when statutory assessment has been completed, whether or not to issue a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

The Education Authority uses Provisional Criteria to guide decision making. The Provisional Criteria can be downloaded below:


Good Practice Guidelines for Schools

To accompany the Provisional Criteria, the Education Authority has published Good Practice Guidelines for schools.  This document provides information as to the relevant and purposeful measures, reasonable adjustments and accommodations schools should make for pupils with special educational needs, as well as specific support strategies to be used at the school based stages of the Code of Practice. The Good Practice Guidelines should be closely followed by schools prior to consulting with an Educational Psychologist about a child, or making a request for Statutory Assessment. 

Parents may be interested in the Good Practice Guidelines for ideas on the meaningful and purposeful measures the school should put in place for their child with special educational needs.

The Good Practice Guidelines can be downloaded below.

Last updated: 22/10/2019