What happens if my child has a statement of Special Educational Needs?

Once the Authority maintains a statement of Special Educational Needs on your child, the law states that there must be an Annual Review of the statement.

What is an Annual Review?

To discuss your child’s educational progress, you will be invited to a meeting (called the Annual Review) every year. This meeting will consider if your child’s needs are being suitably met or whether they have changed.   A record of the meeting is sent to the Special Education Section of your local office. The school must consider the outcome of the Annual Review and may make changes to your child’s Individual Education Plan. If the outcome of the Annual Review suggests major changes are necessary, the Special Education Section will contact you on how it proposes to take matters forward.

The review is conducted by your child’s school on behalf of the Authority.

Further information on Annual Review is available here.

Transition Planning

This refers to Annual Reviews after the age of 14 which take on special significance. This is because a child is moving into ‘Transition’.  Further information and advice on Transition Planning is available here.

Last updated: 16/10/2019