Premises Fire Management Team Training

Under the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010, Education Authority has a statutory obligation to ensure that all staff with additional fire safety responsiblities receive appropriate information, instruction and training.  Staff are therefore required to read and understand the attached training document. 

Frequency Staff are required to complete this training annually.
Contact Details Should you have any queries or comments about this training, please contact the QSHE Environmental and Fire
Risk Compliance Service via email: [email protected] 

This training should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Please note that in order to register as having successfully completed this training, you must fill out and submit the below form.

Useful Links

Educational Premises

This guidance is for all employers, head teachers, governors, vice-chancellors, occupiers and owners of educational premises. The guidance informs what you have to do to comply with Fire safety law, helps you to carry out a Fire risk assessment and identify the general Fire precautions you need to have in place.

Fire Safety Law

This guidance is produced by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) on the new Fire safety regime. The new regime was introduced for non-domestic premises by Part III of the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 and reinforced by the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010.

Fire Safety Law - The evacuation of disabled people from buildings

This guidance is centred on the evacuation of people with disabilities from non-domestic premises. Persons with Fire safety obligations need to be aware that the wider aspects of Fire safety law apply equally to people with disabilities. Fire prevention or risk reduction practices and the operation of the emergency Fire action plan should all consider the effects on people with disabilities.

Offices & Shops

This guidance explains what a Fire Risk Assessment is and how to complete a Fire Risk Assessment for shops and offices. A Fire Risk Assessment should be the foundation for all the Fire precautions in your premises.

Fire Safety Risk - Sleeping Accomodation

This guidance is for use when assessing the adequacy of Fire precautions in premises providing sleeping accommodation. The guide also provides recommendations for the Fire safety management of the premises.


Please retain a record of the date you completed your training and inform your Line Manager / Principal.

Last updated: 06/06/2023